Minor accomplishments

It’s amazing sometimes how tiny, trivial accomplishments can make you feel productive.

I finally fixed my music folders tonight.

I used to have them sorted the way I wanted… until in a fit of hitting options buttons in itunes i let it sort them.

which looks fine on the surface… folders by artist, then by album. until you hit a compilation album. and then…. every single song gets its own folder for some unfathomable reason.

Which was not at all how I wanted them!

no offense to any keb mo fans… but i can about guarantee you i will not have another song from him on my computer anytime soon. and if i did, it wouldn’t be another duet with amy grant, so it would end up in yet another folder anyway. and even if it didn’t, i would rather have the duet from the greatest hits album back with all of the other songs from that amy grant album, not with the other keb mo songs.

I was importing the old “our hymns” compliating cd tonight when it finally got to me enough to decide do go back in and entirely resort the whole mess.

beyond the folders for compilations, it was driving me nuts having folders for one random song from an artist.

so i went in… turned off itunes sorting obviously… and totally redid my old folder system.

resorted it into 4 folders…. one for things that are nice and neatly sorted by artist then album (compilations sharing a folder), one for new things that i’m not sure yet whether or not i will be keeping, one for random one-off songs that can all share a folder, and one for my songs from cds from my church and songs used there in worship that i found somewhere else and downloaded to have or to learn them.

this actually didn’t take nearly as long as i expected it to.

i then completely cleared my library page in itunes… to where it listed i had no music… and then let it add in only the sorted folder…. leaving the other 3 alone.

the new ones i dont want in until i decide to keep them.. and i still do need to desperately sort through that folder and make decisions. the church songs and the one hit wonders i will probably add back in at some point, but i’m not messing with it just yet, as most of the time when i want those, i want to hear just the one song and not a whole playlist anyway… so going to the music folder isnt any harder than finding the one song in itunes.

this had the added bonus of clearing out all of the random itunes listings for songs i didnt want added but accidentally opened in itunes by double clicking which added them on its own…. half of which have long since been deleted. so, while i was at it… i went in and changed the default from itunes to one f my smaller mp3 programs. if i want to use playlists and such i can open itunes manually, but im tired of random junk making things messy.

and, while i was at it, i pruned the podcast subscription list down to about 1/4 of its former size.

so everything is nice and clean and the way i want it. all the folders in a sane setup. no extra piles of folders floating around filled with just one song.

as little as i have to do on my mac as far as other maintenance, i can tolerate a minor skirmish with itunes. funny though that after i was done and had emptied the very full trash, my first thought was to defrag… lol!

and its amazing how much i realize this was bugging me only after i’ve gotten it fixed. i would have rated this like a 2 on annoyance before i did it… but for being a 2, resolving it has been about a 5 on positives for having it back how i want it. trivial… but smile producing.


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