And the kitten drama continues.

First we started off being unable to find them… then grandma cat took off… then they were found under the bed by which time they were already like 2 weeks old and had eyes open learning to walk around.

So then their momma moved them… to kiddo’s dresser drawer. However, the dresser has the wire frame top and hanging bottom style drawers. kiddo had taken the middle drawer on one side out… rahter than just put the kittens in the bottom drawer on that side, she put them into the bottom drawer on the other side.

meaning this takes up 4 drawer spots… the open one, the one below that she has to stand in, the one the kittens were actually in, and the one above that because she had to push the bottom of that drawer up with her head to get into the lower drawer.

So I was less than pleased. But I was even less pleased with her next choice of behind the couch, which meant they were going everywhere.

I intervened, and stuck them in a laundry basket with an old blanket. Which of course kiddo suddenly remembered and it suddenly became her favorite blanket ever and she wanted it back immediately.

Unfortunately, the kittens learned to crawl out of the basket a few days later, so it didn’t really matter anyway. So they took to sleeping beside the basket.

But drama was far from over. First day they were out, in the morning neither of the other adult cats were happy. One was even batting at the babies.

I head off to work…. come home, and same cat is now laying with the kittens… as if they are her kittens. Their momma never has been with them much, so other cat decided she wanted them I guess. Kiddo calls her their babysitter.

Um, yeah… stripes kinda clash with lynx point siamese kittens. lol

So then of course momma eventually decides she wants to be with them, which was good anyway cuz they needed to eat.

So now momma is with them more….

But now, babysitter has decided to start kittennapping them. If momma isnt around she will just take over, but it momma is around, she will pick up a kitten and bring it into my room and keep it on my bed until we take it away and give it back. She will make it lay down, and block it either with her paws, or between her and a pillow…. or lately even do it while i’m sleeping and put it between me and her.

After a few days of this, she has now started leaving her one kitten and going to grab another one. So then she has 2 kittens while leaving momma with 3.

I’m going to be rather glad in a week or two when these kittens can be dropped off to find homes. They are cute… i’m not worried about this group finding homes quickly.


One thought on “Kitten-napping

  1. Julie says:

    Oh goodness! That is so funny! … I wish I could have one of those kittens! They are beyond cute!

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