Flyer miles into starbucks gift cards

I’m not even sure how I got on the site, but I ended up at yesterday.

I’m liking it!

It’s point is to keep track of all of your frequent flyer and frequent shopper points… and buy more of them with some. But, well, I don’t want to buy more. I don’t do enough travel to earn anything with them.

But, a few of the programs also let you transfer your points between programs. Cool… but still, I don’t do enough to have a primary one.

And then I saw it…. “reload starbucks gift card”.

Yes… it’s exactly what it sounds like. You register your gift card, and you can transfer miles into credit on your card.

The two random hotel stays from the cruise last summer? Now turned into 3 bucks each.

The flight to Seattle? It turned into 13! yay!

Ok.. so it’s not a fortune. But still… it wasn’t like I was using the miles/points anyway… might as well turn them into something I will be able to make use of! 19 extra bucks I someday won’t spend hanging out with someone there… for things I’d already bought anyway.

on the topic though, have i mentioned how unhappy i am with midwest airlines getting rid of almost every reason why i used to love it? no more extra space, no bigger softer leather seats without extra fees, now they have a section with 3 seats instead of just 2 on each side… the only thing left is the cookie it seems. what sort of sense does it make in a market like this to throw out everything that made you different from the competition and made people want to be on your planes and not theirs?


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