Everything’s corny

I made burritos the other night, and my daughter stopped and asked… “Does this have corn in it?”

It did not. However, it made me laugh. because as odd as it sounded, it was a valid question.

I have this weird thing with canned or frozen corn (not creamed, just the standard corn). I can’t figure out why for the life of me…. but I get this desire to dump corn into almost anything that can tolerate the addition of corn.

To be honest, it would not have been the first time corn had made an appearance in taco meat… meat getting used in a taco salad regularly gets corn.

chili? corn.

Chicken and noodles? corn.

Stroganoff hamburger helper? corn.

goulash? corn.

rice and beans? becomes rice and beans and corn.

roasts include potatoes, carrots, and corn. i don’t care if corn doesnt scoop out easily with the rest of the veggies.

etc etc.

omelets do not handle corn well. nor does mac and cheese. and i’m not a big fan of putting it into anything italian be it spaghetti sauce or something like lasagna.

And, really, I don’t even like corn anything particular. I mean, it’s ok… but it’s not like its a favorite food.

but… for whatever odd reason…. i feel this weird desire to add corn to things normal people don’t put corn in. I’ve seriously had this same conversation multiple times with multiple people… starting with either their wondering about the strange presence of corn or with my asking about the appropriateness of corn…. resulting in their shaking of their head wondering what planet i learned to cook on that puts corn into gravy for biscuits and gravy as a main meal.

but that’s kind of the thing…. nobody i know ever used corn mixed into things. as a side dish by itself, yes. and maybe in fried rice. but no strange corn appearances that i can remember in childhood or early cooking experiences.

it’s just yet another of my really weird quirks.

At a loss…

What exactly do you do with a kid who obviously can do the work, but chooses not to?

She has this math notebook… in which she is supposed to do 5 activities with one number a day. For example, make 31 tally marks for 31.

The tasks are not at all hard.

And yet, this is turning into a 3 hour ordeal. Seriously.

I can set the kid down and make her sit there…. I can wake the kid up an hour early knowing it isn;t done yet… I can ban her from ice cream trucks and visits to grandma’s house.

But I can;t make her do the work. It’s her homework. So why am I feeling overly stressed about it?

She’s averaging 2-3 detentions per week over not getting this stuff done!

It’s been 6 weeks…. things aren’t getting any better. And I can’t deal with this stupid drama anymore over something that shouldn’t be an issue in the first place.

I’m seriously considering going into conferences 2 weeks from now and asking to transfer her back down to k… but I’m not sure they would be willing to do it. Her testing is already majorly over grade level…  as in reading landed at their goal level for the end of 3rd grade.

I’m out of other ideas.

And EXTREMELY glad we aren’t home schooling. I can only imagine… if we have this much battle over so little….

Patterns in patterns

For some reason, this 2 thing came to mind today. (see previous entry for explanation of the 2 thing)

And as I was sitting in the bathtub, I suddenly realized there was a deeper pattern. A pattern in timing.

When I look back at the 2’s, they are all major times of fear, of change, and uncertainty in decisions. And a lot of them I think I probably even made the wrong choices previous to their arrival.

But the 2’s seem to mark new starts on rough and unfamiliar ground. Looking back, it makes for an encouragement of where things were the lowest, life still went on.

It’s a “the past is over, lets take it from here” vibe.

And a bit after I realized this, I got this strong feeling.

There’s a set of 2’s around somewhere.

I don;t know if they are currently around and I haven’t noticed them, or if they are coming up soon, or what the deal is.

But I’m feeling 2’s.

Which kind of matches the “it’s time” vibe thats been going on since june.

I feel like frantically running around trying to find 2’s. Were there any 2’s in the job ad of the one I’m really wanting right now? Was apartment 222 open on the list I was looking at of a complex in that area?

But I know…. the 2’s will find me when they are supposed to, and not before… so frantic is probably a waste of energy. And by patterns I’d imagine they probably don’t show until after the big jump of uncertainty decisions are made anyway.

Yes my friends, this is the point where charismatic and just plain nuts become blurred. View as you wish… lol!

My odd “2’s” thing

I have this thing with strings of 2’s.

The first time I noticed this was the first week of college. 3 different dorky ice breakers (I HATE ice breakers), 3 different cards from 3 different groups…. all 2’s. Even odder, all the suite of 2’s, though I can’t remember now which one it was.

It was extremely weird. Enough so to make me wonder about it. I’ve never been one to read much into lucky numbers… figuring 8457 occurs just as much as 2222 but you don’t take notice. But still… 3 identical cards? Unusual enough to take note.

Another set of 2’s came in my junior year of college. The man I adored thought I needed to lose weight, for my health of course not just his physical preferences he assured me. Now, I have two different chemical issues going on that make this a very steep uphill battle, but I didn’t realize this just yet.

I gave it everything I could. I swam 3 mornings a week, rode my bike every evening and rollerbladed  around the quad until I’d lost the enjoyment of any of it. I lived off of raw fruits and veggies exclusively for several months. Eventually, this broke out into even bigger issues… record without eating anything being nearly a month.

But nothing made a big difference. The lowest weight I got and could never make it past was 222. I would see it, then it would go away, then it would be back… but never below. Always just the 222, until I hated 222 greatly.

A few years later, I was expecting my daughter, and realizing already that it was going to be just me. The first time they got a good measurement on sonogram, they gave me a due date of 2/17. However, due to the medical issues above, I was told it would probably be about 2 weeks early. He apparently wasn’t the best at math. His new date was 02/02/02, which remained the expected delivery date until I moved at 8 months along.

My first job back to work after she was born, I really wasn’t sure was where I needed to be, but I was sick of job hunting, and they wanted to hire me. So I started down a completely different path from where my education had been.

I literally laughed when my w2 came back at the end of the year saying 22,222. (The cents were off, but the tax return rounded it anyway)

The last major string of 2’s I’ve discovered was actually the earliest, and the one that made most of the rest be taken positively.

When I first became a Christian, from a completely un-churched background, I didn’t particularly realize the significance of doing so. It wasn’t until about 10 years later that I started wishing I knew more details surrounding it. I knew it was a teen event, I knew the building where it was held, I knew the theme, I knew about a 3 year range, I knew it was in basketball season, and I knew one of the musicians performing at the event.

I searched for a couple of years online as it came to mind, with no hits on anything at all. I even purchased a few magazines off of ebay from that time range to see if I could match a concert listing from a tour list to the info I knew, with no luck.

Eventually, I got the idea to take a wild goose chase leap, and send an email to the management of the building, asking if they knew when that musician had performed at a teen event during those 3 years.

Remember, by this point, this is now 15 years later. I can only imagine what they wondered about this email, but they did respond with a list of teen events held there… not knowing much of the details anymore, just names and dates.

One looked vaguely familiar but didn’t seem quite it. But googling it brought back nothing. So I got the idea to run an archives search for it on the local paper’s website. Nothing.

And then…. while I was there, I did what I’d never thought to do before and ran the theme I’d remembered through the newspaper’s search engine. And there it was… previews of 3 articles about the event…

held 02/22/92.

(more on why this matters right now on next post)

Fishnets and bait

Nets work best to catch fish while they are going nowhere.

A fish on the move is hard to catch with a net, but a fish just hanging out is easily scooped up. It’s even easier to catch a fish hanging out in a school of comfortable fish not going anywhere together.

No one of the strands of the net could trap a fish by itself, but when they all weave together, it seems impossible to escape. If one string doesn’t have a fin, the other does.

Bait is unneeded at this point, unless you happen to be amused by watching them struggle. They are caught. They can set their goal on something beyond their current situation and try get somewhere, but they aren’t able to make it happen. The net needs out of the way first.

But, in spite of the overwhelming net of so many strands trapping them, all it really takes for escape is one or two strands. Just a tiny fraction, enough to wiggle, enough to make all the strings which seemed so tightly bound completely unravel.

But a moving fish… that’s a different story. Nets are harder to use with a fish that’s going someplace.

A moving fish needs bait. It needs a temptation to entice it to hook itself on a line and trap itself for you.

Of course, fish don’t all like the same baits. The worm that looks enticing to one is easily passed up by another. You have to know the fish you are looking for… know the type and what’s going to be the most irresistible, to be the biggest temptation.

Where a still fish require many strings to restrict its movement towards its goal, the active fish requires only one to pull it somewhere it doesn’t want to go and away from where it wants to be.

But the method of escape remains the same for both fish.
Break a line, or two, and swim for your life.

Free museum admission


Just a random heads up…. lots of museums are doing a free pass day this saturday with a printed “card” from the website.

looks like almost all of them around here are doing it…. though, i have to work. so no clue if any will be open late enough into the evening.

i always hate the high admission prices at some of them. the local space museum and kids museum both are into the double digits on their per person prices.

i understand the need to make money to support themselves and expand and get traveling items and all… but, ya know, if i have enough free time in and afternoon i can spend at the zoo for 3 bucks or the space museum for 24, frequently the cost makes the decision.

Judging by covers

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate cover letters for resumes?

I despise them greatly.

I’m not a big sales person… maybe that has some impact. But really…. there are few things I would rather skip writing than a cover letter.

And yet, I know enough to know its something that’s not to be skipped…. that no matter what I put there it will look better than no cover letter at all.

But I so hate writing them. Half the time I feel like it’s pointless to be repeating pretty much exactly what’s on the next page… the other half of the time I feel like I’m over doing it and sounding like i’ve desperate and/or pathetic.

What’s even worse is when it’s something that requires a really good letter. A job that requires writing for example, or a job that requires creativity.

Sigh. The one I’m trying to work on now is for a job that’s both. Good for working at the job, bad for the cover letter writing!

Added pressure is that the job is sort of somewhat related to a place where I hang out for fun…. which means I’d have best chances by mentioning that, but this also means risking looking like an idiot there if this goes poorly enough.

It also lands pretty squarely in the middle of my two resumes… one for office stuff and one for communications stuff… different focuses on the same raw info… so I’m going to end up working tomorrow on essentially writing a separate one directly to this job.

But I much prefer rewriting a resume to coming up with something good to call a cover letter.