Judging by covers

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate cover letters for resumes?

I despise them greatly.

I’m not a big sales person… maybe that has some impact. But really…. there are few things I would rather skip writing than a cover letter.

And yet, I know enough to know its something that’s not to be skipped…. that no matter what I put there it will look better than no cover letter at all.

But I so hate writing them. Half the time I feel like it’s pointless to be repeating pretty much exactly what’s on the next page… the other half of the time I feel like I’m over doing it and sounding like i’ve desperate and/or pathetic.

What’s even worse is when it’s something that requires a really good letter. A job that requires writing for example, or a job that requires creativity.

Sigh. The one I’m trying to work on now is for a job that’s both. Good for working at the job, bad for the cover letter writing!

Added pressure is that the job is sort of somewhat related to a place where I hang out for fun…. which means I’d have best chances by mentioning that, but this also means risking looking like an idiot there if this goes poorly enough.

It also lands pretty squarely in the middle of my two resumes… one for office stuff and one for communications stuff… different focuses on the same raw info… so I’m going to end up working tomorrow on essentially writing a separate one directly to this job.

But I much prefer rewriting a resume to coming up with something good to call a cover letter.


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