My odd “2’s” thing

I have this thing with strings of 2’s.

The first time I noticed this was the first week of college. 3 different dorky ice breakers (I HATE ice breakers), 3 different cards from 3 different groups…. all 2’s. Even odder, all the suite of 2’s, though I can’t remember now which one it was.

It was extremely weird. Enough so to make me wonder about it. I’ve never been one to read much into lucky numbers… figuring 8457 occurs just as much as 2222 but you don’t take notice. But still… 3 identical cards? Unusual enough to take note.

Another set of 2’s came in my junior year of college. The man I adored thought I needed to lose weight, for my health of course not just his physical preferences he assured me. Now, I have two different chemical issues going on that make this a very steep uphill battle, but I didn’t realize this just yet.

I gave it everything I could. I swam 3 mornings a week, rode my bike every evening and rollerbladed  around the quad until I’d lost the enjoyment of any of it. I lived off of raw fruits and veggies exclusively for several months. Eventually, this broke out into even bigger issues… record without eating anything being nearly a month.

But nothing made a big difference. The lowest weight I got and could never make it past was 222. I would see it, then it would go away, then it would be back… but never below. Always just the 222, until I hated 222 greatly.

A few years later, I was expecting my daughter, and realizing already that it was going to be just me. The first time they got a good measurement on sonogram, they gave me a due date of 2/17. However, due to the medical issues above, I was told it would probably be about 2 weeks early. He apparently wasn’t the best at math. His new date was 02/02/02, which remained the expected delivery date until I moved at 8 months along.

My first job back to work after she was born, I really wasn’t sure was where I needed to be, but I was sick of job hunting, and they wanted to hire me. So I started down a completely different path from where my education had been.

I literally laughed when my w2 came back at the end of the year saying 22,222. (The cents were off, but the tax return rounded it anyway)

The last major string of 2’s I’ve discovered was actually the earliest, and the one that made most of the rest be taken positively.

When I first became a Christian, from a completely un-churched background, I didn’t particularly realize the significance of doing so. It wasn’t until about 10 years later that I started wishing I knew more details surrounding it. I knew it was a teen event, I knew the building where it was held, I knew the theme, I knew about a 3 year range, I knew it was in basketball season, and I knew one of the musicians performing at the event.

I searched for a couple of years online as it came to mind, with no hits on anything at all. I even purchased a few magazines off of ebay from that time range to see if I could match a concert listing from a tour list to the info I knew, with no luck.

Eventually, I got the idea to take a wild goose chase leap, and send an email to the management of the building, asking if they knew when that musician had performed at a teen event during those 3 years.

Remember, by this point, this is now 15 years later. I can only imagine what they wondered about this email, but they did respond with a list of teen events held there… not knowing much of the details anymore, just names and dates.

One looked vaguely familiar but didn’t seem quite it. But googling it brought back nothing. So I got the idea to run an archives search for it on the local paper’s website. Nothing.

And then…. while I was there, I did what I’d never thought to do before and ran the theme I’d remembered through the newspaper’s search engine. And there it was… previews of 3 articles about the event…

held 02/22/92.

(more on why this matters right now on next post)


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