Patterns in patterns

For some reason, this 2 thing came to mind today. (see previous entry for explanation of the 2 thing)

And as I was sitting in the bathtub, I suddenly realized there was a deeper pattern. A pattern in timing.

When I look back at the 2’s, they are all major times of fear, of change, and uncertainty in decisions. And a lot of them I think I probably even made the wrong choices previous to their arrival.

But the 2’s seem to mark new starts on rough and unfamiliar ground. Looking back, it makes for an encouragement of where things were the lowest, life still went on.

It’s a “the past is over, lets take it from here” vibe.

And a bit after I realized this, I got this strong feeling.

There’s a set of 2’s around somewhere.

I don;t know if they are currently around and I haven’t noticed them, or if they are coming up soon, or what the deal is.

But I’m feeling 2’s.

Which kind of matches the “it’s time” vibe thats been going on since june.

I feel like frantically running around trying to find 2’s. Were there any 2’s in the job ad of the one I’m really wanting right now? Was apartment 222 open on the list I was looking at of a complex in that area?

But I know…. the 2’s will find me when they are supposed to, and not before… so frantic is probably a waste of energy. And by patterns I’d imagine they probably don’t show until after the big jump of uncertainty decisions are made anyway.

Yes my friends, this is the point where charismatic and just plain nuts become blurred. View as you wish… lol!


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