At a loss…

What exactly do you do with a kid who obviously can do the work, but chooses not to?

She has this math notebook… in which she is supposed to do 5 activities with one number a day. For example, make 31 tally marks for 31.

The tasks are not at all hard.

And yet, this is turning into a 3 hour ordeal. Seriously.

I can set the kid down and make her sit there…. I can wake the kid up an hour early knowing it isn;t done yet… I can ban her from ice cream trucks and visits to grandma’s house.

But I can;t make her do the work. It’s her homework. So why am I feeling overly stressed about it?

She’s averaging 2-3 detentions per week over not getting this stuff done!

It’s been 6 weeks…. things aren’t getting any better. And I can’t deal with this stupid drama anymore over something that shouldn’t be an issue in the first place.

I’m seriously considering going into conferences 2 weeks from now and asking to transfer her back down to k… but I’m not sure they would be willing to do it. Her testing is already majorly over grade level…  as in reading landed at their goal level for the end of 3rd grade.

I’m out of other ideas.

And EXTREMELY glad we aren’t home schooling. I can only imagine… if we have this much battle over so little….


One thought on “At a loss…

  1. tlc4women says:

    Since you have two weeks before conference you can try a few things. First, let her know that if she doesn’t do her homework you don’t care. You passed first grade and her friends will pass first grade and if she doesn’t it will be up to her. If that doesn’t work, some kids don’t fall for this one, set up a treat chart. If you don’t have to talk to her about homework and she does it then on Saturday we go to a movie or whatever floats her boat. If that isn’t going to work then can she make 31 tally marks with special pencils, colored pencils or whatever? She may just hate math or be totally bored this might be a way to liven it up for her. She obviously likes to read, maybe she gets longer story time with you if she does her homework by herself. Just some random thoughts.

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