Everything’s corny

I made burritos the other night, and my daughter stopped and asked… “Does this have corn in it?”

It did not. However, it made me laugh. because as odd as it sounded, it was a valid question.

I have this weird thing with canned or frozen corn (not creamed, just the standard corn). I can’t figure out why for the life of me…. but I get this desire to dump corn into almost anything that can tolerate the addition of corn.

To be honest, it would not have been the first time corn had made an appearance in taco meat… meat getting used in a taco salad regularly gets corn.

chili? corn.

Chicken and noodles? corn.

Stroganoff hamburger helper? corn.

goulash? corn.

rice and beans? becomes rice and beans and corn.

roasts include potatoes, carrots, and corn. i don’t care if corn doesnt scoop out easily with the rest of the veggies.

etc etc.

omelets do not handle corn well. nor does mac and cheese. and i’m not a big fan of putting it into anything italian be it spaghetti sauce or something like lasagna.

And, really, I don’t even like corn anything particular. I mean, it’s ok… but it’s not like its a favorite food.

but… for whatever odd reason…. i feel this weird desire to add corn to things normal people don’t put corn in. I’ve seriously had this same conversation multiple times with multiple people… starting with either their wondering about the strange presence of corn or with my asking about the appropriateness of corn…. resulting in their shaking of their head wondering what planet i learned to cook on that puts corn into gravy for biscuits and gravy as a main meal.

but that’s kind of the thing…. nobody i know ever used corn mixed into things. as a side dish by itself, yes. and maybe in fried rice. but no strange corn appearances that i can remember in childhood or early cooking experiences.

it’s just yet another of my really weird quirks.


One thought on “Everything’s corny

  1. Julie says:

    I love corn, but I have to have it by itself. *lol*

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