Church and caves dream

i was in our church, even though it looked nothing like our church and no one at all was familiar until late in the dream. i just knew it was the church.

this wasn’t like a normal church layout, it reminded me of our college student center with a wide curving hallway and many different areas. in the student center they were separate businesses.

the main one was all on a large slope like a theater you entered from the bottom of the slope, but instead of a theater seating layout there were different small groups of seats faced different directions as it went up, and there were various sections of wall coming in making it an odd shape, and i couldn’t find somewhere to sit anywhere.

the next area was completely black even though they were apparently showing a movie. i couldnt see anything, even to get back out, and someone kept yelling for tickets, i think at me but i wasnt sure. i scrambled back out.

the third section seemed to be somewhat underground with brown walls but well lit. it reminded me a bit of the theme mexican restaurant in tulsa. it had lots of people talking to other people in groups, but nobody said anything as i ran around them frantically trying to find a place to dig a small cave to bury a large weird shaped plastic box filled with the  remains of my dead baby.

i eventually found a place, but now we were outside… and it was right behind a woman gardening and a kid who kept asking question, but somehow it managed ti be dug into the side of a hill of grass without anyone realizing it.

i went back inside, and now it was in a large conference hall type room, with various curtains forming a wide hallway between whatever was going on in the main area and the actual walls of the room. and we were running, me and someone else. a few other people were around, but the only two i noticed were as we ran past my pastor and a girl in a band uniform who had a trumpet that had come apart and was everywhere in the hallway. we jumped over the pieces and continued.

somehow i ended up back in the crowded cave like area, and the person i was running with was gone, and i had decided to pick up my friends baby from the nursery. apparently it was due the same time as mine, but it survived. i heard people beside me whisper that they would have been sisters, then the baby’s older brother (about 12 or so) came to pick it up, so i left.

i continued walking, and i found what seemed somehow like a familiar game. it was some sort of challenge to get things un-wedged from this big space… about the size of a car trunk but it was at about chest level. i sat and looked at it for a long time, until my friend arrived. i think this was the same person i was running with, but i’m not sure if it was the friend who had the baby or not. when they arrived, i then very abruptly started ripping things out of the space and piling them onto the floor. they turned into groceries… like a black trashbag full of containers of yogurt in which the bag kept ripping open, and cartons of eggs. everything seemed fine as i pulled them out, but when i looked down on the ground, they were all smashed and trampled. people walking by stepped over my mess and seemed to feel pity but walked on by without bothering me.

suddenly, my pastor reappeared. he seemed amused at the mess, but not in a negative way. he then told my friend and i that someone had asked to have a cave built, and asked if we could do it. my friend had apparently been in the hospital after building a cave recently and only just gotten out that day, and i didnt want to admit i’d already made a cave that day and still had dirty and sore hands. so we said no, but i felt bad, but he didn’t ask any questions as to why.

so he has a flash light, and the three of us go around the curve again and he leads us into an area with similar walls, but a darker place. it was a museum of ancient egypt, but i didnt see anything egyptian or museumish, another of those just know that it is things. my friend made the comment that it was amazing how the things we see as treasures now would have been common and well known and expected to be known by everyone back then.

we continued in the “museum” for about 10 more seconds, then i awoke very sharply and abruptly…. for no apparent reason.


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