New dreams section

I’ve decided to add a new category for dreams.

For most people dreams probably aren’t a huge deal, but with me, sometimes they can be.

Because usually I don’t dream anything that I can remember when waking up. Or only very vaguely.

But every now and then, I get these certain types of dreams.

It’s kind of hard to describe… there is just a very distinctive feel to them…

These are usually very vivid… but only certain parts. The focus is usually really clear in some areas of apparently relevance, and the rest is all just background.

How vivid? Well, there is one I had about 2 years ago that I can still remember random details of the house featured… a house I don’t know in person.

Anyway, I will explain more in another post… and give a couple of past examples…  but I wanted to go ahead and get this introduction up before I posted the one from this afternoon.


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