If God were a math professor…

If God were a math professor… imagine for a moment the final exam.

You have had all of the material given to you clearly.

Have you studied it and learned it? Um… well, some of it. It’s a difficult class sometimes.

However… everyone else is in the same boat.

The professor knows this. And yet, he still has to give the test as was written before you were even enrolled in the class, knowing none of you will do well.

The information has been taught, so the test is fair. You did not accomplish what you were supposed to. You have earned the “F” you will be getting. He would be justified in failing the entire class.

With the one exception. That one smart guy who had offered to tutor anyone interested, but nobody ever took him up on it. The teacher’s pet who already knew this stuff before he ever enrolled.

But, the professor does care about your academic future, whether or not you have learned all that you were supposed to. And he does want you to pass.

And so… he declares the test to be a group project. You may form your own groups. And the smart kid, who happens to own a very large pile of erasers, is welcoming all joiners to the group forming around his desk.

Do you go?

Or do you sit with your friends, hang out, vent about how much you hate the teacher, and miss the opportunity to get the passing grade you don’t deserve.

You already earned the failing grade for yourself. But the choice of whether or not you passed the class depended not on your math, but on your ability to admit you were failing and ask for help.

The smart kid had to leave before the test was over. His test was finished anyway. But there are still lots of kids from his group left who know what answers he gave them, so they can share them with you if you want them.

Oh… and we can’t forget…. as he left he asked the teacher to send someone to write the needed formulas on the board for you. It isn’t much help if you aren’t ready to admit you don’t know what you are doing, but when you are… these will guide you through the problems.

Oh.. and that textbook. Did we mention it was written by former students in this class, with supervision from the teacher?

I think I’m glad the final is worth the entire grade in the class. I don’t even want to know how low my assignment score is.


2 thoughts on “If God were a math professor…

  1. tlc4women says:

    Loved this! Can I use it for our youth group? My mind is going with how I can run with this.

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