The do-over trip

So we leave tonight for Tulsa.

Normally Tulsa is a one night there and back in the same day thing, as downtown is usually about 2 hours from where we live.

But some time ago, super 8 was running a birthday special where a limited number of rooms a night were 8.88 a night. So, I ended up doing a king suite with hot tub for less than 10 bucks… and I figured we would go down the night before.

Also, they have both a melting pot, where i’ve really wanted to take the kiddo cuz she loves fondue and anything dipped really, and an apple store. So I figured we would hit those before the show.

Sound familiar? Like almost exactly like the Houston plan? um…. yup. That’s cuz it is. It made me laugh when I realized exactly how similar…. both places are one’s I actually even had made maps to in Houston, before the storm and our king suite with hot tub no longer had power.

So, we’re trying again.

And, the person we were supposed to meet for lunch on the last leg of the trip back from houston but things came up, we will be meeting before the show. lol

But, there’s a second element. Remember the show in Michigan that got cancelled a few songs in due to power issues with the show itself? Same artists together at this show.

So it’s a do over on the show itself as well.

Which makes me notice…. both the houston issues and the michigan issues, the two most recent shows… power issues have caused me grief. rather odd. i’m not sure if i should read anything into that connection or not. lol


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