…to which I said :-P with a doublesized P

Ok…. that entire last post? Start laughing now.

So we got to Tulsa uneventfully. Got to hotel easily, and that’s as far as the good news goes! lol!

Hotel at first claimed they didn’t have a reservation. I provided them with the reservation number.

Now they see a reservation, but told me the special rate I got was only good for people with stays over that time period, not those who made reservations during that time period.

At this point I get out my laptop, and pull up their hotel chain reservation website to show that it lists my reservation, at this night, at this price. (Why my email didn’t list this specifically, I don’t know… I suppose they assumed their managers would be familiar with the program)

Ok, so now they are willing to give me the rate… and they start the check in process, however, they show the reservation as not being paid for. The promotion required immediate payment… so of course I had pre-paid.

I got on the phone with the toll free number at this point. While they agreed with me, they said they couldn’t do anything about it until after I’d already been charged twice…

I’m not a confrontational person at all. This was already way beyond my comfort level… I gave up and left. I’ll write a nice unfriendly hotel review of my experience with the major hotel review sites as my thanks… in addition to the call I made to dispute the earlier charges on my credit card.

Speaking of which, during that reservation thing? Apparently they had already swiped my card through twice… putting a hold of twice their normal room amount on my card… which was the only one I had along and has a low enough limit for travel stuff anyway that this would prevent a 4th hotel room price for this night from being charged on it.

So in addition to the extra room expense, this turned into a cash only excursion…. two nights before payday. Which was pulled off… but I can remember other trips and other times recently that would have killed me.

So anyway, we’re on a cash basis, and looking for a new hotel. I drive back and forth on a few streets I know, and find nothing at all. So I regroup… found a carls jr still open with a play area, bought some drinks and sent the kiddo into the kinda eerily dark tubes to play for a bit while I dug out my laptop (have I mentioned I love my wireless card?) and made some calls.

Found a best western that would take cash payment… about 5 miles from where we were. Made it over there easily in spite of not having a clue where I was really going or even where the suburb was it was located in.

This was just your basic best western off of a highway in a suburb around the town. Nothing fancy, but well kept. Nice older grandma type running the desk. But for some reason seemed a feeling of peace about the place…. that I distinctly remember thinking about as I fell asleep.

I woke up roughly 4 hours later at 3am…. with the back part of my toungue so swollen that I could barely swallow.

Now, I’d had allergy issues going on for the past two weeks… and I’d given up and gone into the doctor about 4 days before to get meds. So just before bed I had taken the 3rd day of a pack of zithromax…. an antibiotic I’ve taken several different times in the past.

Um… yeah… apparently out of the blue I’m now allergic to it. Which is only halfway surprising, as kiddo had a major reaction to it when she was just under a year old…. but still…. I’ve taken it repeatedly before, and this was day 3 of this particular round with no other issues so far.

So I sat. Yes, rather than rush off to go find where a hospital would be in relation to where I wasn’t even sure precisely where I was, I sat. I’m aware this was a stupid decision, but I felt safe doing it… a thing I will blame on that whole feeling from earlier.

So the rest of my toungue catches up with the back… and develops a bright red streak down the middle. It’s now pressing on both the top and bottom of my mouth at once. But after about 530 or so, it seems stable… so I go back to sleep. (Again, yes, I realize this was stupid).

Kiddo woke up around 930… waking me up. No change. So I got her dressed and ready to go.

Around 1030, as we are leaving, I grab her coat and I notice a little sign on the dresser near it… that they consider this hotel first a ministry and second a business, and if there is any way that can help you to let them know, and so forth. I’m blaming the peaceful feeling on this… even though I didn’t see the sign until we were leaving. lol!

So we spend the rest of the morning and the early afternoon getting shots and such at an urgent care clinic I happened to have seen the night before during my round of driving known streets looking for a new hotel. I got the impression that they felt I should have gone to the er rather than there, but they dealt with it… and were all motherly… and had a much cheaper copay than the er had I even known where to find a hospital.

As it happened, a walgreens also happened to be on a street I knew (out of maybe 5 or 6 streets in tulsa that I happen to know), so armed with more meds, fortunately for my cash budget being cheap meds, we made our way to the gathering I was hosting… pretty much right on time from what I was aiming for originally. (no apple store or melting pot… again… lol!)

Gathering went ok… except I felt like a dork…. because I had 16 people confirm they would be there, and a party of 4 that was possible but never got back to me. So they had made a table for 20 for us. Well, for the majority of the gathering there was only 5 of us… with a group of 4 coming in so late they were only able to do drinks.

Which in a way was nice, because as it happened that meant I was able to do passes to all of the people showing up instead of having to run my contest for them.

But actually, from there on, things went ok. Concert was great. We made it home. My toungue is still swollen some, but not enough to be an annoyance. And wow… did those shots completely obliterate the earlier allergy issues that had started the whole mess to begin with! lol!

But gotta love the random eventfulness with what should be a smooth and issue free trip. Ya know, with this pattern, I’m starting to get the impression that the forces of the world don’t like me going to these shows much!


3 thoughts on “…to which I said :-P with a doublesized P

  1. Karen says:

    QUOTE:”So we spend the rest of the morning and the early afternoon getting shots and such at an urgent care clinic I happened to have seen the night before during my round of driving known streets looking for a new hotel.”

    Don’t you think this may have been the Providntial reason why you were sent to the 2nd hotel–so you would know where the clinic was? And the “peaceful feeling” just allowed you a good night’s sleep instead of spending the night in the ER? (Even thought you would NOT do that again, right?) 😉

    QUOTE:”Ya know, with this pattern, I’m starting to get the impression that the forces of the world don’t like me going to these shows much!”

    But there’s the other side too! It seems your Heavenly Father wanted you to go and took wonderful care of you despite what was thrown at you!

  2. tlc4women says:

    Mention the hotel chain on your blog and save the rest of us the heartache. Geez, that was terrible.

  3. blueraindrop says:

    i’m sure there was a lot going on that i’ll probably never understand… dunno if the hotel jerks were for the positive team or not… but it did work out well either way. though i think given the number of random hotels in tulsa, the chances of happening into a particular suburb one probably leans toward it having a specific purpose to play.

    and yup… the other side seems to always work these out… even when i haven’t had a voice at previous concerts (which is like 4 of them), it gets overcome.

    I suppose I should have probably mentioned the odd history of losing my voice right before shows for no clear reason, and the oddness of my toungue swelling when i had no rashes or hives or other symptoms (basically the opposite of my daughter’s reaction to the med).

    oh… and i failed to mention… when i got her donuts at a gas station on the way to the urgent care, i got one of those red twinkies…. the softest thing i could find… and actually couldn’t even get the first bite of that down due to the swelling in the back.

    anyway…. the first hotel was just a random super 8… the one on 51st street right off of the exit of 64, if you are ever in tulsa to avoid it. i’d only chosen it because of the special rate at super 8’s back in august and the fact that it had suites when the other super 8’s didn’t.

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