Secretly taco chili

Ok… so someone I read linked a week or so back to a southern cooking blog. Who? Not a clue… I’ve long since forgotten how I got there! lol!

But as with most cooking blogs I end up subscribing to, I spent some hours going through the older posts on google reader and using my star button to mark some (use the list view to scroll later if you do this through! lol). And so, with the weather turning colder, when I made my grocery lists this week, I included the stuff for this taco soup.

Kiddo quickly declared she wouldn’t eat it, so this evening I made a batch of it to take for my lunches this week.

As I’m scooping it into the bowls, she comes over and declares…. “that’s not taco soup, that’s chili”.

I argued, telling her what was in it…. for about 10 seconds. And…. suddenly…. it hit me. Um…. yup! Looks like chili that needs a bit more liquid.

The only difference between taco soup and the way I make chili is a few less tomatoes, and replacing chili seasoning with taco and ranch. And we don’t serve chili with sour cream… although the corn chips we do use work with both.

I had to crack up laughing…. not just because it’s mostly chili, but because I completely failed to notice this at all until she pointed it out. You would think that somewhere in the process it would have seemed a bit familiar! And yet, here I had it entirely made and halfway scooped out… tonight I do not win any prizes for being observant!

Its good either way. And will make a good lunch this week either way. But I may end up grinning like a dork every time I warm up my taco chili.


One thought on “Secretly taco chili

  1. philangelus says:

    That’s hilarious! Sometimes we’re just so used to framing something one way that we never really look at what’s in front of us!

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