Still sick

Ok… so it’s official. I’ve given up my denial tactic.

As much as I don;t want to admit it, I’m still sick.

I’ve been blaming the flushed face and the hot and cold spells on the steroid pills they had me on for dealing with the allergic reaction… but i’ve been off of those for 2 days now.

The original allergy symptoms vanished in the massive meds i was given to kill the allergic reaction to the antibiotics. But.. not only have they come back, but the coughing has gotten worse.

So i’m thinking the sinus infection that followed the allergy issues never went away. because, well, i only took less than half of the antibiotics before the whole mess happened… and in the aftermath, it was the least of the issues to remember that if i wasnt taking them anymore, then they weren’t killing anything anymore.

and yet…. i really dont want to go back to the dr again. and i’m still slightly scared at this point of taking anything else until i’m really sure all of the other meds have completely cleared out.

maybe if i pretend it isnt there it will go away again. lol


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