The way the office REALLY runs…

So we’re talking on the way home tonight… and it becomes clear kiddo thought palin (aka “the girl”) was a third candidate.

So I’m trying to explain what a vice president is… while trying to drive in heavy traffic. So I can’t say my explanation was great…. or for that matter even remember what it was.

So kiddo gets to “so there’s two bosses?”

“Sort of… but one’s the main boss. Does your school have a vice-principal?”
All of my schools did, but she goes to a magnet school that only has 50 kids per grade… so while I’ve met the principal, I really had no idea if they even had a vice principal. And honestly had never even noticed the lack of one before.

“we have two girls who run the school.”
her principal is female…

“oh… so your vice principal is a girl too?”

“their names are miss whatever and miss whatever…”
neither one was the principal’s name

“those are the principals?”

“they are the bosses. they sit in the office, and they call kids down, and they…”
she continues with a list of all the things they do for probably 15 more items…

“oh…. those are the secretaries.”

“they run the school.”

yes…. yes they do really.

but now how do you explain to a 6 year old why the person who runs everything in the school isn’t technically the boss? or what a boss really does if someone else is the one running everything?

amazing how different our impressions of leadership are. when does the leader change from doing the major things, to being the one who doesn’t do them but decides things about them?


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