I shouldn’t have bought cereal.

lol! no, i didn’t cave in and go buy more cereal. this is dealing with one of the first boxes.

i’d been up for a while dealing with a laundry disaster i suspect was once a crayon. so on a whim while grabbing my lunch out of fridge, i decided to dump some booberry into a ziplock and take it along. i was feeling kinda crummy, and it looked like some quick sugar energy.

so i did… ate probably about a bowl and a half dry as i was driving to work.

remember my mention about not eating breakfast? this was on an empty stomach… not used to eating at this time… and not eating anything else until lunch.

the massive blood sugar crash about 11am was dramatic! as in hands are shaking dramatic.

so of course, after it finally stabilizes, i feel exhausted and weak, and like my arms and legs weight about 100 pounds each for the rest of the day. opposite of the effect i was looking for… but then, i should have followed it up with eating something a few hours later knowing i’d just dumped a ton of sugar into my system.

um… yeah…. not a good plan! lol!

my logic side is happily gloating…. saying it told me so.


One thought on “I shouldn’t have bought cereal.

  1. jenn3 says:

    I know how you feel. I did this to myself today. Sugar like that makes me feel awful later, and yet now and then I crave a sugary breakfast. I always regret it.

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