Gifts test

ok… so I ran across a link to one of these gifts tests on a site I was on looking for something completely unrelated, and ended up taking it.

i’m posting my results… mostly just so i can find them and the link later should i want it…. but partially because it was one of those where several of the results either made me laugh, or made me go “huh?!?”

(i’ve clearly been blogging too long when this gives me the urge to start tagging people…. but this test is overly long and kinda repetitive… so i’ll spare everyone… but go for it if ya want to! lol!)

reorganized high to low, higher number being stronger, several “ties”. (with my commentary in italics).  the define links all go to the same page, just different spots on the page… but they were with the original results pages so its easier just to leave them in… lol

Define     Knowledge – 36

Define     Music and Creative Communication – 34 (maybe as far as visuals. but where its definition seems more music and performance weighted, and i do none of the above, i would have assumed it would have ranked much lower.)

Define     Craftsmanship – 33 (this one struck me as odd… are we counting photoshop? lol)

Define     Teaching/Teacher – 32 (using their definition i’ll go with this one. common definition? not so much)

Define     Wisdom – 31
Define     Administration – 31 (i would not have put this anywhere above the bottom few!)
Define     Intercession – 31

Define     Discernment – 30 (another one i would have ranked lower… or at least my confidence in it)

Define     Faith – 29

Define     Helps and serving – 26 (bit surprised this one wasn’t higher)

Define     Healing – 24 (belief? yes. as a gift? not so much… or not so much result)
Define     Shepherding/Pastor – 24 (surprised not lower…. but maybe just due to past issues)

Define     Exhortation and Encouragement – 23 (would have expected a little higher)
Define     Giving – 23

Define     Leadership – 21 (would have expected this in the bottom few)
Define     Mercy – 21

Define     Evangelism/Evangelist – 19
Define     Church Planter/Apostleship – 19

Define     Missionary – 16.5

Define     Prophetic/Prophet – 15 (surprised this one wasn’t much higher)

Define     Hospitality – 8 (ok… i had to laugh really hard at my 8.)


5 thoughts on “Gifts test

  1. tlc4women says:

    After that LONG test, I got 48 for leadership, 47 for faith and 46 for Teaching. I got 43 for shepherd/pastor so I clicked on Define and when I clicked off I hit the wrong key and my entire test got deleted. I guess it makes sense. I lead bible study, women’s ministry and counsel.

  2. philangelus says:

    I quit after I was about a third of the way through, but there was no real surprise in how I scored on just that part. (I got a zero in evangelism!)

    So, my question would be, is the object to work on the places we scored lowest on the assumption that we should do better there and be well-rounded Christians, or that we should work on the places we scored highest in order to bring our spiritual gifts to bear?

  3. blueraindrop says:

    lol i think on about the last quarter or so almost half of my answers were starting to turn into the middle option. my opinionatedness had long since worn off… but maybe thats why the kept asking the same question a different way.

    good question though on what to do with it. the site that had linked to it was sending people to it as a way to figure out what ministry opportunities might be good fits for them… so hadn’t really thought too much outside of that framework yet.

    and with me, probably a little of both…. some areas that i realize i need to work on more because it’s not one of my strong areas… others maybe need more refining work because they are.

    i think it helped on me some even just noticing where i was surprised, and evaluating a bit whether my perceptions are off and if perhaps its picking up something that’s not on my radar. yeah, its just a program assigning self-reported things a number value… but, in some cases maybe what i think i see and what the facts really are may not be in line. if that makes sense.

  4. philangelus says:

    It does make sense. But I’d hate to think people take that test and then use it as an excuse forever. “Well, apparently my spiritual gifts don’t lie in prayer as much as they lie in charitable giving, so that’s why I don’t work too hard at praying. I’m not going to succeed anyhow.” See?

    BTW, now *I* am getting hits on my weblog for “how to rip up carpeting.” I hope you’re happy. 😉 😉 😉

  5. blueraindrop says:

    very true… using it as a cop out.

    LOL but yours is better than mine…. cuz at least on yours we were discussing the lack of a strategy.. lol!

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