Random flavor hot “cocoa” mix

Random recipe mood brings you hot cocoa mix.

Except.. it doesn’t always have cocoa in it at all, but for some reason it still gets called cocoa. Hot any-random-flavor-you-can-mix-using-creamers-and-milk-mixes doesnt have quite the same effect I guess.


Mix together:

1 medium box of powdered milk (about 10-14 oz depending on brand)

1 small bag of powdered sugar (1 pound, or half of a normal 2 pound bag if your store doesn’t carry the smaller ones)

3 medium sized bottles of creamer (around a pound each), at least 1 of which is flavored (use french vanilla to make plain.) Low fat, fat free, and sugar free all work fine. Most flavors you can use the cheaper plain creamer for the other two, but if you want a stronger flavor or to mix different combinations, 2 or even all 3 can be the flavored type. 1 jar can be substituted with same size of any powdered milk mixes (generic nestle quik works best for chocolate flavors) or instant cappuccino mix, or small jar of instant coffee.

Mix all together… pour into container that seals tightly (we like to use one of the pitcher shaped things meant for sugar so it can be poured out directly with less mess). Mix about 1/4 cup per 8 oz warm water, a bit more if you only used 1 flavored jar of a weaker flavor, a bit less if you used something stronger like peppermint. Can also scoop into snack sized baggies to make into individual servings.

This can make some really awesome flavors… especially with mixing. Right now we have vanilla caramel at one house, and chocolate caramel at the other. I think my favorite was either the round using the banana milk flavoring, or the blueberry creamer they had out for a while. Most of the seasonal flavors work really well. Adding chocolate to almost any random creamer flavor tends to work well too.

Even the plain vanilla one is good though…. resembles the french vanilla stuff from the round silver jars at target.

Yummy stuff, warm and creamy for winter, stores really well, and isn’t as overpoweringly sweet as some of the normal hot cocoa mixes.


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