Meds and jobs updates

I caved…. I went back to the doctor. By random luck, got the same one of the three docs who had prescribed the zithromax that caused all the craziness.

He doesn’t think it was the zithromax though… said he’s never had patients with issues with it… but maybe I’m allergic to the coloring used in the coating.

Regarding the coughing getting worse even when other things got better then worse, he decided that I’m recovering from “sterile bronchitis”… meaning since I’m not coughing anything up, he thinks the bacteria got killed, but I just have to tough it out on it clearing out.

He did give me a prescription for the good cough syrup with codeine in it to mellow things out at night.

Regarding the sinus issues coming back, he gave me a prescription for allegra d. I wasn’t optimistic… I’ve taken the over the counter allegra before with no results.

But this stuff did wonders! Cleared things up well.

But leave it to me to manage to come up with a rare side effect… its completely thrown off my cycles. I’m extremely annoyed… but staying on it until the cough clears up anyway.

But I’m thinking it’s about time for a visit to an allergist. Not so much over whether its the red or what the red is covering… but just in general… to have an exact list to work around, and a better opinion than the general doc on the best method of dealing with it.

As far as jobs… today was the start of transition week… but this week has ended up being completely crazy on scheduling.

The new job is a seasonal job I’ve done before… and don’t like any more than I like my old job. However, I know that in mid to late december they will give me the option to willingly choose unemployment for the next six months… which I hope to use to allow me to have an income enough to job search somewhere else.

It was kind of interesting… walking in to do job testing and interview and being back out with a letter offering a job in about half an hour. Also kind of interesting is that last time I worked there, I was in one of the first classes of the season… starting first week in October. This round, I’m in the last round of classes… somewhat by deliberate planning… meaning I’ll only be on the phones for a little over a month before they start cutting staff down when the last day for shipping for Christmas arrival gets close.

However, it didn’t work as smoothly as I’d hoped, because they changed training from full days to half days. As it happened though, staffing at old job was high enough I was able to do unpaid time off for the afternoons all week.. so I’m driving to the corner edge of town on one side to drop off kiddo, the opposite corner on the other side to morning job, far suburbs on the opposite side for afternoon job, back to first corner, then back home to the central area.

I’m very glad gas prices are low right now. lol

Adding in kiddo having a doctors appointment… and something I want to catch on friday morning… and it’s total scheduling chaos.

But it’s only a week. And as it happens, both the paydays and the dates that time goes in for paydays line up… so it’s not as goofy of a transition as it seems to me right now.

Though it has crossed my mind to keep seeing how long I can get the unpaid time off to cover my other job, and work my old job on the days off from my new job until eventually there’s a conflict… but I’m really not thinking I want to do that to myself!

Anyway… that’s how things are panning out on those fronts. Not exactly the greatest news on either… but it’s going. lol


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