Solar Christmas lights

I’ve mentioned switching to a seasonal job at a place I worked a few years ago.

Normally not too much of the stuff really just pulls at me as something really cool… but these did…

Solar powered Christmas lights!

in multicolor, white, net-style for covering bushes or trees, and some various other shapes and forms.

They charge a rechargable battery during the day, then turn on automatically at dark and run off of the power they stored earlier.

I’ve seen the little solar powered yard lanterns… but I’d never stopped to think about using it for Christmas lights in places that have no electrical outlets anywhere nearby.

Kinda cool. I can think of a lot of trees and such that could use some decorating but aren’t anywhere you could easily hook them to an extension cord to reach.

Googling it pulls up others too… mostly more expensive ones… but I’d have never thought to google for something like that. Just struck me as a really neat idea.

Made for a nice switch from some of the items that just kinda make me go “huh?” like..

m&m guys dressed as elvis ornaments

or the ones that are just undeniably tacky… such as…

(warning… don’t scroll if easily offended)






space (considers how conservative some of the readers are, and adds a few more)




Such as muscle man here.

and yes… there is also a bikini babe for double switchplates.

To each his own I suppose. lol


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