Off time

I’m quickly remembering how annoying the schedule system can be with a flexible system.

It’s supposed to take our preferences on days off into account. Honestly, I don’t think hey really weigh into the system at all. But it also doesn’t notice what previous week schedule was, so its possible to work up to 10 days in a row if things end up just right.

So, my schedule is/has been…

work 6 days, off 1 day

work 4 days, off 1 day

work 4 days

making 2  separated days off in a 14 day (aka 2 week) period.

so you can imagine how hard it was to keep from laughing when my supervisor asked me if i wanted to work that second day off. which would have made 9 days in a row, and only one day off in the 14 day spell. and i’m offered at least twice a day to add 2 more hours to my shifts any and/or every day of the week to make them 10 hour days.

and when i said no to working the day because i had an appointment that afternoon, i did get told to feel free to come in before or after or whenever. definitely a switch from the old job that was asking if i wanted to go home 1, 2, 3, sometimes even a half day early because of their staffing levels.

yes, granted, its overtime… and extra cash right before christmas… but yikes..

though, ya know…. if i had two days off together and predictable to know it would only be 5 more work days until my next break, I’d be a whole lot more likely to say go for it on working one of the two.

i probably should start grabbing the extra 2 hours chunks though on the slower days.

I do have two days off next week though.. only because its a holiday and they are closed? lol it would not surprise me at all if everyone still has the same number of hours as every other week, just counted as one day of everyone’s “weekend”. i supposed that does help everyone financially though.

another of the reasons i’m kinda glad its going to be shorter this season than the previous season i worked there. to be fair, its not bad work… its just sometimes repetitive and tedious. nice for a season, but i don’t think i’d want to live there.


One thought on “Off time

  1. well at least you have some options…I don’t.

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