Stress relief on a lone day off, in photos

sculpey is my friend…. sometimes.

our friendship was having a rough day, but we got close enough for a round 1.

the amazing ancient retro-oven.

you can’t tell sculpey is done by looks…. you know its done when it starts to make your kitchen reek.

this is gonda the chicken by the way.

you smoosh the yellow ball and white ball together like playdough, smash it over something… and end up with a food grade silicone mold. crazy… but fun.

i randomly grabbed a bag of weird red colored chips only because they looked pretty. they didn’t melt very well… stayed too think and made air pockets. and i’m not sure i’m a fan of the taste.

some of the first few rounds drying a bit. barely pictured:pb chip that turned into a disaster almost instantly

moving on…. gummy recipe

after the second red goop was melted down. (i guess you can see a few of the milk choc guys in the corner since they didn’t make it into the other pics… and a few milk choc smudges on the table.. you can ignore those… lol)

things went a bit rough from here so camera got tossed aside. they did set up at the right texture for gummys…. only to turn to rubber a few days of storage later (after they were already on the way to their destination). not pictured: green.


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