Anyone know of a daily check-off site?

Does anyone happen to have a link sitting around for an online daily checkbox?

I’ve got links for like weight trackers and blood sugar trackers, and of course online to do lists you can check off… but I don’t really need it to keep track of a number… I just want it to keep track of yes or no, checked or unchecked, for a particular date.

I find that these sorts of random things are always online somewhere, its just a matter of my not knowing exactly what precise words I need to pick to google to pull it up. But I figure with it being the season for nanoblomo, someone might have one sitting around that they use to keep track of that.

Actually, what I’m wanting to use it for is marking one year plan bible readings. I know I miss days, and would like to have somewhere with it tracked as to which ones I missed on their “right” days to be able to come back at some random point and get missed ones read and checked off. Preferably online so it doesn’t matter whether or not I’m at home at the time.

But I’m thinking something designed for other uses is more likely to be sitting around that will do that just fine. Just a matter of wondering words what the person who made it said on their site to describe it… lol


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