The last quarter

3 months.

Roughly 3 months left until the expected move.

I checked the box on the paper today essentially asking to be unemployed in about 3 weeks.

In spite of knowing it’s crazy… especially with all of the crazy economic twists that have hit since the feeling sirst started this summer… I know it’s what I need to do.

And yet, while nervous… I have an odd sort of confidence. And I think a good part of it goes back to the thoughts in the last post releasing some of the fear of what ifs.

But it’s a bit strange too, in that I feel surprisingly free.

In an awful housing market, I own no home. My choices aren’t locked by whether or not I can sell one, or get a loan in a crazy loan market.

In a job cutting market, I have no deep loyalty or no locked in career. Call centers are everywhere, easy work to get with some experience, and while not big bucks will normally pay the bills about anywhere you look.

No significant other means no working with another’s career and needs and preferences.

Family ties are not close, frequently not beneficial, and especially strained and drama prone as of late even for our family. Mom does travel jobs half the time anyway, and has been discussing more lately. One brother has talked of moving away himself. I lived 10 hours away from nearest family for 5 years previously. Proximity is not an issue.

And if it all fails? What do I lose? The effort spent in trying? If it fails, I end up right back where I am now.

Right now, in the middle of crazy times… the lack of the very ties once sought creates freedom not sought but appreciated anyway.

Strangely… I feel more nervous about the process of moving itself than I do about the future once moved.

I have no clue what the path holds. But I know it holds something, if only given by my choice of that path. So I guess we will see.

3 months.


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