My first Christmas card

the outside.

aww….. a cute puppy dog…..

and the inside?

The official message says “Warmest Winter Wishes”

But of course there is a written message.

If you can’t read it, that says…

“Just to let you know that I’m not doing Xmas this anymore. 57 years is enough.

You guys can all go where you want to go and enjoy yourselves this year.

Have a good life

And a merry Xmas,


“Have a good life”??  I have to laugh… and am so keeping this card.

My brothers both got matching cards with the same note…. even though none of us is connected at all to the drama she’s upset about which involves my mom and my aunt vs my cousin.

Such is life I suppose.

Family drama and the holiday season… what lovely companions they make.


One thought on “My first Christmas card

  1. artlady says:

    oh my goodness I laughed because I could see something like that going down in our family!

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