New is almost here. Start the “I’m leaving” posts.

It just amuses me how every time they change something here there is a huge pile of posts on how everything is awful now and they are leaving… rather than just getting used to the normally relatively minor changes.

Anyways.. it got me thinking about features that I miss from other sites I’ve used.

What kind of surprised me was that most of the were actually on opendiary… which while the first of the sites, still seems a bit behind on things.

Things I Miss:

  • comments able to be set to private by the person leaving the comment
    this was really nice… want to say something but don’t want it in the general view? check a box and only you and the author of the post can see it. so useful.
  • friends-only entries
    wordpress has the blog surfer list, that you can add people to and read all the new entries from everyone like the friends list does. however, there was also an option to make posts that could only be read by people you had on that list. (you could also mark specific people on your friends list that still could not read them). this was soo much easier than passwords on things that weren’t real private, but were still not good to be in the public view.
  • changing usernames and site urls
    i don’t think the site url was exactly intentional, but rather a function of the changing username. your blog on od has a code… and your default address uses that code. the code never changes, and that address will always point to your blog. for example: but, your username also could be used as the address… to go to the same pagem and you could change your username. so if you used the second link for giving less trusted people, and the code link for the close friends, and drama developed, all it took was changing your username and all the drama was gone while the trusted ones could still get to your page like normal and with no hassle of moving things or starting new blogs. (that’s my old blog in the by the way, lest you think I’m bothering some poor random person for the sake of an example.. lol)
  • interests lists
    somewhat like tags and profile mentions.. but more useful, because you could go to the interest page and find people by interest even if they had never written a word about it. in the mood for someone with a sense of humor, click on the names under hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. in the mood for something more religious, click on the names under spurgeon. looking for someone local? click on the links for your state, and even narrow it down by age groups.
  • random, and controlled random
    the random button was my friend. you click it, and, well, it took you to a random blog that had been updated in the past day or so. but, you could also click into the user circles, and then click random… and then your random would be limited by your user circle you were in. for example, only blogs by people between 20 and 30. not just a flash visit for 5 seconds like it just put you on their page and if you wanted to move on, just click the button again, and if you didn’t, you could hang out and read. many a person i regularly read came via the random button… or found me that way.

i’m sure there are more…. but these are the ones off the top of my head. and, there were many other things that i didn’t like, or i wouldn’t be on this site now. but one cand remember and dream lol


One thought on “New is almost here. Start the “I’m leaving” posts.

  1. jenn3 says:

    Why can’t someone take all the good things about the different sites and put them together? It would be so much easier. This is my first blog, so I can’t compare it to other sites, but there are things that annoy me about WordPress. But them changing the look of things isn’t a big deal to me. It took me like five seconds to figure things out. People get so weird about change.

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