Toys R Us, no longer us?

Every year, sometime shortly after Halloween I make a trip to Toys R Us by myself at some point, armed with a small notebook and no intent to make a purchase.

I wander around every row… even the clearly “boy” rows given that kiddo loved thomas and cars… and make random notes.

Things she would like, things not to buy… prices… just general notes. Usually several pages worth.

But, this year… it was just different.

Just very different.

Where in the past it has been the major wish-list forming experience for Christmas (and her birthday in January I shop for at the same time), this year, there just really wasn’t anything to list.

Really weird… and unexpected.

Most of the younger kid toys she has outgrown.

She already has a big kids bike. She wanted a scooter, but none of them there were really anything different than your random razor enough to note.

She’s never really been into barbies, and the kelly phase is passed.. which covers most of the rest of the girl toys.

The loving family dollhouse does still get play time… but it has no new rooms of furniture this year at all. Last year it had like 4. But she has all of the current rooms with the exception of the 2 we don’t really like. I could buy retired rooms on ebay, but I refuse to pay 50 bucks for a doll grand piano and grandfather clock no matter how cool they are or what song they play… etc.

The bigger baby-type dolls she doesn’t really play with much anymore.. which takes out another huge chunk of the girls section.

This led me to the teen section. Roughly, video games and beauty products.

I literally left with one item on my list.

Kiddo’s self made list is usually no help, because it usually contains every single item she’s seen on disney channel at mom’s house.

I thought maybe I was just having an odd year out with all the other craziness. But then I mentioned the trip to my friend who has a kiddo a year and a half older than mine who is usually right around the same interest level. And she’s got the same thing going… except hers at least has a barbie interest, so she has that to fall back on.

She did mention my kiddo had played barbies with hers a lot while we visited… so maybe if I fanned that angle I might milk it out another year on that. But given that it’s barbie, I don’t think I really want to. They played ponies a lot too, even digging her old pile of pony out of the basement and adding to it might be a better help.

But it just struck me as a bit odd, and a bit sad. I mean, I know there is an age when kids outgrown the toy stores. But I would have expected this somewhere in the early teens.. maybe naively, but still.


One thought on “Toys R Us, no longer us?

  1. tlc4women says:

    Wow! It’s kinda sad. My kids were 10ish when we stopped Toys R Us. We didn’t have all the electronics though as they have now. The best we had was Teddy Ruxpin which I remember sucked the batteries. I guess now with so much electronic stuff the toys really don’t get played with. I think the kids are really missing out on a fun childhood. Does she play outside with friends after school? Do kids still play tag and hide and go seek? Do they roller blade and play hopscotch and chinese jump rope?

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