Bday and Christmas

What’s extra weight on gift stuff for me is that I know there’s a pretty good shot that all she is getting is what I get her.

Other family doesn’t do much for the holidays. Mom has a history of waiting until like the 23rd and then saying, oh, here, go get her something from me and making you run around in the rush of things. (Which, is still better than the large kitchen she gave her when we lived in a tiny 1 bedroom apartment, or power wheels when we lived in a 2nd story apartment)

So, talking with kiddo when tv and its lists aren’t around, her desires could be summed up in one word.


She wants an ipod. And a laptop. And guitar hero. And another video game system.

And with this I come to terms with the fact that my ideas of current childhood and reality are maybe not quite the same anymore. I’d have guessed about 10-12 for the change… not 6 nearly 7. But such is life I guess.

i would love to do the give a laptop get a laptop thing… but its a bit beyond budget range this year. i wonder how long they will keep the offer going on it though… maybe eventually…

I’d considered getting her an ipod shuffle, only because it only has 5 buttons, 2 of which are volume, and its pretty hard to mess it up. But then, I figure I’m going to be mad when it gets lost, so I think we are going for a cheap random player for birthday.

The guitar hero actually works well for my ideas though. Because the one item on my list at toys r us was the “i can play” guitar that used to be over 100 and was on clearance for 50. Same concept of guitar hero, but instead of just a few colored buttons, it has lots of colored buttons…. in the right places to teach kids roughly where the right chords are to transition them easily to actual guitar lessons.

And as it happens, she got a real guitar that she wanted last year for her birthday, which none of us have the foggiest clue how to play, so this might be a good mix between guitar hero and reality… and be a video game that is actually teaching her something instead of just killing time.

i’ve heard the piano is really cool too, going from the shapes that move up the screen like guitar hero, to shapes that go across the screen like normal music, and then that turn into the actual notes… so the kid actually ends up learning to read music in the process. They didn’t have them anymore, but I know they are around online, so might be a future purchase if the guitar goes over well.

I found similar prices online for the guitar, but all of the ones I found were for the blue one, not the purple one, so I decided to brave the toy store to see if they still had any after the post-thanksgiving rush, and was shocked to see that it didn’t look like any of them had sold. I was more shocked when I got to the cash register and found out the 50 clearance sticker wasn’t accurate, and it was actually 30. Very cool. Will wait and see how well she likes it before I purchase any of the add on cartridges though.

I also got a hannah montana clock while I was there, because it has the hands but also has the numbers. Kiddo keeps cheating on her time telling homework and looking on a little laminated clock we have that gives her the 5, 10, 15 minutes.. so maybe actually having a non-digital clock around will help! lol!

She’s getting a webkinz shirt, the limited release webkinz snowman, and the reindeer that I picked up on clearance last year, and a handful of the card packs in her stocking.

just before thanksgiving, I found a hannah montana scooter online… only 5 bucks more than the standard razors i was prepared to buy. but i couldn’t find anywhere with cheap shipping. i finally found it on with free shipping, but in spite of saying in stock I couldn’t get it to add to my cart. so the day before thanksgiving, after work, i ran to kmart in person. they had them. yay!

kiddo also needed a new dvd player to replace the one hooked to her tv. i planned to get one of the bare bones cheapys at walmart or somewhere, but then when looking at cheap mp3 players online, i found a name brand dvd recorder for 50… so i nabbed it. but i think in the name of its well being thats going to be addressed to both of us, even though its going in her room. (my tv has a 5 disc changer… and is the only other tv, or i’d bump another one to her room)

the rest of the stuff i decided to go more traditional.

she liked the mouse and the motorcycle when we rented it recently, so shes getting copies of that and the other two books in that series. still a little bit above her reading level, but not by much, so i’m going to delay them until the birthday to give it a little more time.

i also picked up copies of where the sidewalk ends and a light in the attic. i can’t believe i hadn’t already gotten those yet actually! i think i’m going to separate them, and do sidewalk for christmas and attic for birthday… just because they are so similar i think it will keep interest better.

and i also picked up the rest of the flyguy series… as an impulse purchase. you may have to see the covers of these things to understand exactly how easily they jump at you from a random shelf you were walking past. she really loves the flyguy book her school library has, and has checked it out enough times that i’ve started trying to discourage her in the name of reading other books too. but she loved the one in the series i grabbed at the book fair, so i decided to get the rest. not quite the traditional books I was aiming at, but hey… its reading. and i have to admit, i’m tempted to read “there was an old lady who swallowed flyguy” myself before i wrap it.

the one other impulse purchase i caved in and nabbed was at target… an 18 dollar cabbage patch doll. one, because its a good price for them, two because it was a boy and the boy dolls have been really hard to find in the past when i’ve tried to hunt them down, and three because it was a 25 year special edition. ok, so actually it wasn’t the special edition that did it, its that the special edition outfit was the exact same bunny pocket outfit my first cabbage patch was wearing when i got it, but in white instead of green. he is going to be for birthday though.

so that’s what we ended up with. still need to get the mp3 for the birthday, and will probably grab a few more warmer dresses and wrap them as a gift for one of the two… more by need than anything else, but it works. at least it isnt socks? lol


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