My bad bear afternoon

So I was procrastinating doing the laundry… and theres a knock at the door. My package had finally arrived! Yay!

We still never heard anything back from anyone about kiddo’s lost bear.. but when I was on the website for work, I found that we sold a sort of similar looking bear… unstuffed. So I’d bought him and was waiting on his arrival.

Now, the original bear was 20 inches long. I remember this because one year kiddo was obsessed with him having clothes, so we had to figure out his size lol. the bear from the company was listed as 24 inches, so i figured it would just be a tiny bit bigger.

i open the box, and this sucker is huge!

the only way i can figure they got 24 inches is stuffing him, then sitting him on his butt with legs sticking forward and the measured from top of head to where he sat on the table.

measured head to toe, he’s almost 3 ft long. not even remotely close! I could literally have stuffed about two of her old bear inside the belly of this new bear.

so i decided to go ahead with my plans anyway… next up being to dye him from white to a pale pink.

rit dyes suck… but its about all that anyone carries. beyond that, they never seem to entirely become colorfast to be able to wash them without bleeding.

the cold water dyes work so much better, but the only ones readily available are the tie dye bottles… so i decided to get one of those instead and work with it.

only pink they had was fushia.

but, of course, new bear is way too huge for the bucket i had planned on using.

so… bravely… i decided to put the bear in the washer set to medium load… wash him until he didn’t float… then sprinkle some of the powder in, and let it finish the cycle.

this is completely not how you are supposed to do this dye. its supposed to only have like a cup of water, then sit for 6-8 hours to dry, then rinse.

so i sprinkled the powder in… and scared myself when i only meant to put in a tiny bit, and accidentally put half the bottle. oops.

it turned out ok though… i checked him a couple of times during the cycle, and it was diluted enough he was staying a pale pink.

i then repeated the wash stage with plain water followed by the double rinse cycle… like i do with tiedye, to make sure the extra dye was rinsed out.

he ended the spin cycle the perfect shade of pink! and with the exception of one slightly darker spot under his chin, it was perfectly even.

i’ve done quite a bit of tiedyes… i know how the dyes work… and i know that after the excess dye is rinsed off you need to run it through the hottest water to set the dye. i usually do one round of double rinse on cold, then one round on hot, then a last one with soap added in on either temp.

here is where i made my mistake.

so i put it on hot. but… i spaced out. i put the detergent in the first round of hot… the one that is supposed to set the dye.

the bear came out an amazingly clean shade of white. grrrr…

so i’m going to need to use the other half of the bottle to redo him later.

in the process, i also made another mistake… i forget to rezip the back of the bear. he hadn’t been stuffed yet, but his head and feet already came with stuffing in them, so it had some. which was now all over the bottom of my washer.

my original plan had been to use beans from two little bean bag animal to stuff the feet, like her old bear used to feel. but the size difference made this non-workable. but.. as it happened, i had one of those squishy pillows in the basement that had a lot of stains on it, so i decided to sacrifice that instead.

so i picked it up and threw it into the washer to get it clean before putting it in the bear. i figured the stuffing wouldn’t hurt it.

well… apparently i’d forgotten that in addition to the stains, it must have had a tiny hole.

millions of tiny tiny poppy seed sized white dots have now joined the stuffing in the washer. all over the washer.

for whatever reason, i had decided to open the washer as it started the rinse cycle and noticed this… so i grabbed a pillow case real fast to put the pillow in for the remainder to keep them contained… but still… they are everywhere.

i think my best bet on removing the disaster in my washer is going to be to let them dry, then take the shopvac to it. cuz when they are wet, they stick. and they are literally all over… way above the water level, even on the bottom of the lid somehow!

so. bear gets dry. and i’m looking him over, and i notice, he has gained a few holes already! one right along the wrist seam, and one on each foot right where the padding met the paw. so those are going to have to be fixed before the squishy stuff can be moved into the feet anyway.

she soo better like this bear! lol


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