the door in the “O”

So for the week before Christmas, the kiddos are in with the adults for the first half of the service. (Actually, one service does this all the time, but we go to the other one.. )

So kiddo is looking around… and she sees a banner on the wall, and asked me why it says “o come”.

This banner is actually up all year… but it’s written in a sort of artistic way… with a giant “O”, medium sized “come”, then underneath a small “let us adore”, and under that a giant “HIM”, and a huge star above the written area.

So I pointed out that it didn’t just say “o come”… the other words were just smaller, and it says “O come let us adore him”.

“There’s a door in the O?!?”

I suppose adore isn’t a word we use too much around here… bit advanced level still when the word love usually works ok. lol

I wonder…. where exactly the door would lead to.


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