Converter annoyance.

These converter boxes are beginning to annoy me, and they haven’t even arrived yet.

We don’t actually use either of the tv’s for anything except a monitor for the dvd players most of the time anyway… but I suppose its nice to have the option to watch something… so I suppose we’d probably better get them.

Coupons arrive with no problems. Now comes the fun.

I’m beginning to appreciate the fact that the cable company never gave us an option to use anything except one brand of box. Very much so actually.

Because… really… every single one of these boxes does the same thing. And there only seem to be about 4 variations on features.

Thus, every review says about the same on every box. One reviewer will insist that a box has dvd quality, another will insist it is awful. Different box, different people, and you get the same thing written about it.

And at about 50 different prices. At about 50 different in person stores and 500 different online stores.

The online sites seem to be a lot cheaper than in person. So I was leaning there.

I’ve never found myself on so many questionable store webpages in pursuit of a product.

But of course, the cheapest ones are on the no name sites. If you go to one random site you’ve never heard of, this particular box is only 6 bucks above the coupon… go to and its 20, go to amazon and its 35.

How much is it worth to me for site reliability?

How much do the low power local stations matter to me, to decide if I want to pay how much more for analog pass through… to be able to watch stations I could watch now but never do?

How much would I currently pay someone just to hand them these stupid cards and have them hand me a cheap functional box without asking me any further questions?

I suppose its nice we aren’t stuck giving one company all the advantage and such. But really… there should be a “I really don’t care, just send me something that will work on my 10 year old 15 inch tv” button to check when requesting the coupon… and they just randomly grab a box and mail it out.


ok, i’d saved this as a draft a while back, so need to update to current.

i gave up… went to target and paid the 20 each above coupon price for the random cheapest converter box they had… which had no brand name on the box at all, but turned out to be rca boxes…. wrapped them and stuck them under the tree.

i figured if had to buy them anyway, might as well get some gift mileage out of them while i was at it! lol

anyway, they hooked up easy enough…

one tv that already had decent reception it made a huge difference…. very clear pic now, only occasionally pixelated, and added a handful of channels.

the other tv didn’t fare so well. it had kinda spotty reception anyway… a bit fuzzy most of the time, and some of the channels completely unwatchable in bad weather. well, now, none of the signals is strong enough to hold the channel… they all stay at mostly “no signal” black screens and occasionally pop into a brief, very jerky low signal and still unwatchable spell, then back to blackness.

i think i may invest in one of the stronger sets of bunny ears for that one and see if it helps any.


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