I really like my tree.

Which is odd, because I never thought I would like a very fake looking tree. But this one’s cool.

It has fiber optics in it… but they are done so much better than most of the trees that I have seen. Every branch ends in fiber optics.. not just scattered ones… but the rest of the branch is normal, only the last inch or so is clear. And they are bright, nothing like the pastel-ish looking ones… they show up bright even in a brightly lit room. And they rotate colors quickly, like a billion twinkling lights.

It does also have two different other strings of lights… one set that is “pre-lit” that is your standard multi-colored light string… that has stopped working but we usually didn’t use it anyway. I actually tried to remove it once, but I highly recommend not removing pre-lit lights… they have those things hooked all sorts of directions to make them stay put, which makes them about impossible to remove, so I gave up and left them in but turned off.

The second string is removable… just plain white lights, but they have one of those control boxes where it will play songs with the lights flashing in time, the lights can flash with no music, or be steady.

Pics trying to show our tree really never come out right… so maybe really short video works better.

tree in dark, with the music on

tree with room lights on It still looks a bit shorter than it is… (it’s not much shorter than I am at 5’6″, so I think it’s a 5 foot tree)

The stuff underneath it is about 3 different little people christmas sets. (The nativity set was busy being mixed in with her doll house… lol)

The first year we got it pretty close to Christmas, so we didn’t decorate it.

The next year we did.

And I decided that I actually like it better without the decorations on it. Just a pretty light show.

My former tree was a small 4 foot and very fake looking plastic tree that I never liked much, but it fit well…. first in my bedroom as a teenager when I first bought it on my own, then in a college dorm room, then in a studio apartment.

Originally I hung about every ornament I could find on it… lots of colors and shapes making up for the lack of tree beauty.

About my senior year of high school this changed into a more uniform look. Everything in pink and purple. It helped a lot that this was the year crayola came out with light strings in all sorts of pretty colors. (actually, the pink lights under the tree in the video was one of the sets)

So from then on, it was mostly just multiple sets of ornaments in those colors. 12 pink snowflakes, 10 purple balls, 6 pink whatever… pink and purple tinsel… and the pink and purple light strings.

I can’t say they were traditional colors… but hey… it worked… and you’d be surprised how many things come in them.

I thought I had a brilliant plan this year though.

Kiddo had a lot of fun helping mom decorate her larger tree, and the front yards. So…when I was getting the tree out, I saw the older tree sitting in its box… so I brought it upstairs too, and the box of ornaments. Before she got home, I tested, and 2 sets of pink lights, 1 set of purples, and 1 normal multicolored set all worked still (go crayola… lol)

The deal was… she got her room picked up, and she could put the old tree in it, and decorate it however she wanted.

Of course my kiddo wouldn’t fall for something that obvious though. Her room was probably only about 10 minutes from clean when I made the offer… and it has gotten progressively worse throughout the season.

So I took the old tree out to the garage on the morning of Christmas eve… still a bit sad my brilliant room cleaning plan didn’t work.

Maybe next year…


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