And so her phone begins to ring…

So last night, new years eve, I get a call from a number I don’t recognize about 7… and I let to go to voicemail.

It’s a young girl’s voice… who says her phone number… then a bit of a pause… then says it’s her name, but kinda muffled to where I can’t quite understand it.

I’m pretty sure it’s not for me.

So I let kiddo call back. And yes, it was for kiddo. Her first non-relative or family friend phone call.

So after she knows who it is, she looks at me, tells them just a minute, and leaves the room to continue the conversation. I had to laugh.

Later, when I go from the kitchen to my room, she goes in her room and shuts the door. She never shuts her door. (And, she’s easily heard even with the door shut, so it’s not like its any big secret… but maybe she doesn’t realize that)

The conversation you just had to laugh at…”What?! She acted like she knew Charlene?!?”, “I am SO staying up until midnight”, “gracie was older than me, but i was BIGGER than her! and she was 7 1/2! i was like, goodness sakes!”.. and directions to where at the zoo gift shop they keep their webkinz, etc.

I’m assuming some poor parent was getting tired of their kid being bored on Christmas vacation, and broke out the school phone directory to give their kid something to do.

So kiddo entertained her for about an hour. She likes to talk on the phone… most people just aren’t big fans of being her “victims” on the other end.

Something tells me it will get worse from here.

Wonder how long till she starts wanting the computer to chat with them instead of just to play webkinz.


One thought on “And so her phone begins to ring…

  1. tlc4women says:

    Just wait until she’s on the home phone, texting on her cell phone, while chatting on her computer and watching American Idol all at the same time.

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