Forward and backward

Ok.. the token new years post.

This year it seems like my thought focus is a lot more forward than backward.

2008… well, was pretty bland. Mostly a steady slide downhill, with a few mostly intentionally made bright spots.

But 2009… well, I wonder what in the world 2009 is going to look like.

I suppose we never really know, no matter how much we think we do, but with things looking the way they do… unless things really bomb, this is probably the last year here. the last year of things being the same.

I find myself wondering where we will be next year at this time.. and there are so many different directions it could go, that i really can’t even begin to guess.

I suppose its just a feeling I’m not used to. Mostly, major life changes have been unexpected twists, or planned things gone wrong.

No matter what happens… I guess it will be different.


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