Not just days.

Genesis 1

14 Then God said, “Let lights appear in the sky to separate the day from the night. Let them mark off the seasons, days, and years.

The inclusion of directly mentioning them marking the seasons and years here, not just the more obvious days, seemed kind of interesting. Directly ordered for them to do so even.

(um… yeah… i didn’t make it to sleep yet. 8 more verses, and I’m distracted on random tangent again.. but this time, the urge to google how long it took humans to notice this is going unfollowed)

but wait…

16 God made two great lights—the larger one to govern the day, and the smaller one to govern the night. He also made the stars.

its also kinda interesting that it says the purpose of the sun and the moon… but not the stars.

maybe they really are just pretty decoration to give us something to stare at, and makes shapes from.. and try to count… and use symbolically to old abe.

but then…. they do serve a really good purpose in navigation.

so we’ve got the purpose of the sun and moon mention… and what else they control.. but stars don’t get theirs.

I wonder whether we figured out navigation by stars first, or that the seasons and years thing already told directly was right.

i’m betting it was navigation.

but i’m still not googling it.


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