Really bad phone system

I discovered a new definition for a really bad phone system today.

First, they sent me a letter, telling me to call, instead of giving me an option to do it by email of their website.

So I try to call… and it takes me about 10 minutes to not get a busy signal. I take this as a sign I might get a human… nope.

After I finally get a ring, it tosses me into a phone system. After pressing that I speak English, and that I didn’t accidentally call there when I meant to call their other automated number, it puts me into silence for about 2 minutes… without telling me it was doing so or even acknowledging that I had hit “2” to continue.

Next I get to hit, again, that yes, I needed to speak with someone at this number, not the other number or the website, which i actually would have preferred to deal with. It warned me I might want to use the website anyway… then put me on hold for more than 12 minutes. I again falsly assumed this was a sign I’d be getting a human.

Nope. When it pulled me off hold, I got into another system to enter my soc security and such. Then hold again for a few minutes…

And then, after 18 minutes on this call to a non-toll free and non-local number, after 10 minutes of trying to get this number to even answer… it tells me that they already have several people on hold, so in order to minimize my hold time, I need to call back at a later time or use the website.


Seems like it might have been easier on their phone system to have it answer and tell me that right off about half an hour ago! Or, like some places, let me key in a number to have the system call me back when I’m next. OR actually have an option for this on their website they keep suggesting I use.

I’m going to stop by the local office later. If the letter isn’t something they are able to pull up and deal with from there, I guess it must not have been too critical in the first place. Maybe the next letter from not dealing with it will tell me what it is that I’m not dealing with… besides their awful phone system.


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