Banks and sense

I have two banks… one that’s only online, and a regional credit union.

You always hear about how much better local is for customer service. I’m not seeing it with this one.

So I go into my local bank today… with cash in hand, $140 in 20 dollar bills. I need to make a deposit into someone else’s account, at the same bank, because their normal scheduled transfer failed.

Normally easy enough… I give them the info, they pull up the account, and we’re good to go.

But… remember that cash? Well, the deposit I needed to make was only 126.

So they tell me that they can’t give me cash back since I’m not on that account.

This was not a check… this was cash. They can’t give me change without being on the account?

I’m sure I probably rolled my eyes as she handed the cash back to me… so that I could hand her a single 20, ask her for 5 ones in change, which she does out of the open drawer beside her without even having to key it into the computer… reorganize my bills, and hand her exact change.

Why in the world can we not use common sense and make change for me before or while processing the deposit? This seems like a really simple task for customer service purposes.

And yet, I wonder how many people she puts into the same situation don’t think to stop and make her split the bills… instead either making a deposit larger than they wanted to, or walking out.

Even the slowest of fast food chain systems usually can break a 20… or procress a transaction and hand the remainder back. But apparently I’m expecting too much out of a financial institution.


One thought on “Banks and sense

  1. tlc4women says:

    This stuff frustrates me. Just like our local bank decided it didn’t want to deal with coins anymore. So they charge you to deposit rolled coins. They charge you to deposit money. That is stupid.

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