Webkinz tetris!

Webkinz has added a new tetris game! Yay!

And pets all over webkinz world rejoice at the newfound wealth sure to come from the parents of their owners.

It’s a bit odd though. It was released yesterday at the same time as the new asian theme… so it has a bamboo theme, and this asian-ish music in the background. Just totally different from what I usually expect from a tetris.

The first thing I found that I really don’t like though it that it clears your screen at the end of each level. I’m one of those who usually has stuff built up waiting to be filled in all at once. But, I reminded myself that this is a game aimed at kiddo’s age group… clearing the screen when kiddo has passed a level would be a ton of help for her.

It also shows you the next 6 pieces along the side… and has a hold area where you can flip the current piece with the last piece you hit hold on. Very useful for storing spare “sticks” to be used when needed.

And it has an outline of where the piece will land that you can turn on and off.

In a less kid centered move, the down button doesn’t just drop it faster, it drops it to the bottom of the screen and locks it into place. It seems like it would help more to have different buttons to drop it, and have down just move it down more.

And they do various challenges on the side, like getting 3 lines at once. More distracting than they are helpful, as the time limit is short enough that unless you were already close, there’s no way to make it before its over. When you do, it either awards you in points or in bonus coins… that I’m still not sure what they did.

It goes really really slow for quite a while… but then all of the sudden around level 10 jumps massively in speed. No option to start at a higher level, so it took about an hour to finish a game…. which brought in 210 points. Not bad, but not the more lucrative use of time in the arcade.

But I bet it becomes on of the most popular games played quickly anyway… and probably almost entirely after bedtime! lol


One thought on “Webkinz tetris!

  1. artlady says:

    oh I will have to go look at that.
    This is the only reason I might be glad the kids go to school for education; uninturrupted play time on their toys 🙂

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