Matching cord joy

I decided to go for the cheap mp3 player instead of the shuffle for kiddo for her birthday. Not too long afterwards, sent me a coupon for 5 off of any purchase over 5, so I went there, and got a simple one for 8 bucks, including free shipping.

So when it arrived, I was a bit annoyed that it didn’t come with a manual, or a charger… but for 8 bucks, I wasn’t too upset.

I took it out of the package today, to put some of her music on it for her and charge the battery… using the 4 inch or so usb cord which does both. I’d have rather had a stand alone charger so I didn’t have to disconnect things each time it just needed charged.

But at first my mac wasn’t seeing the player to transfer. So I ended up on a site to find the manual, and found someone else’s comment mentioning that some cell chargers were the same type and cheaper to buy than the official accessories to charge it at home or in the car.

I tried it… and to my surprise, my cell charger is a perfect fit! So I can charge it there when my cell isn’t charging.

But, even better, the little 4 inch cable also fits my phone, and charges it from my computer! not something I would want to do as a primary thing, but very awesome for travel.

Now if I could just get my camera to use the same cord… i’d be set! lol


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