And… and.. and?

Genesis 35:

22 While he was living there, Reuben had intercourse with Bilhah, his father’s concubine, and Jacob soon heard about it.

This verse annoys me.

Because that’s it. Nothing else is said about it in this chapter, and the next one goes into one of those lineage spells on the other side of the family entirely.

You randomly tease us with the knowledge that with the huge leah vs rachel rivalry, leah’s oldest son sleeps with the servant rachel gave to her husband to have kids for her… just after rachel’s death… and jacob finds out about this… and then you don’t tell us what comes of it???


I know it probably comes into play somewhere along the line somehow. It just annoys me greatly to have a random interesting sounding tangent left completely unexplored to make me wonder.


One thought on “And… and.. and?

  1. philangelus says:

    It does come into play later when the others throw Joseph into the pit. Reuben determines to go back to get him because he’s ALREADY in the doghouse with his father. Then when Joseph is sold before he returns, he’s beside himself with fear because he’s not sure where he’ll go: as the oldest brother, he’s sure his father will hold him responsible for what happened to Joseph.

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