Asking specific

p 85

By pinpointing what you want from the Holy Spirit, you are more likely to get it and recognize it for what it is when it actually comes.

This struck me as interesting… and not even really in terms of creativity.

And in thinking about it, I realize I’m really bad about this most of the time. Especially in things address directly to the spirit, I tend to be really really vague.

“Lead me” I say. Lead me where?

  • “in a straight path” from ps 27:11,
  • ” to the rock that is higher than I.” from ps 61:2,
  • “in the way everlasting” ps 139:24
  • “on level ground.” ps 143:10
  • “down to this raiding party” from 1 sam 30:15? (actually, that does sound fun out of context)
  • etc etc etc

Ok, so I usually mean “in the way I should go”… but still… it’s really massively openly vague.

Maybe if I ask more specifically, it will be more apparent when I’m getting a specific answer to that specific question, where when i’m asking vague, i’m not really even sure where to be looking for my answering to be.

lead me to the right job could be anything… where give me guidance on whether or not think specific job is the right one focuses thing down to looking for pointing towards or pointing against. much easier to look at the trees and forget the giant overwhelming forest.

But I think I’m a bit scared of being pushy.

With formerly attending a church that seemed to me to run straight off the deep end of prosperity gospel more and more each week and lots of hype and experiences over substance… I think I’m a little skittish about stepping on “toes” by getting myself too close to that sort of “you said i can have whatever i want, so i say its mine, do it now” sort of mentality.

Or of overly limiting with what I know is my very limited perception. if i’m concentrating on this specific possibility, then this one, then that one, am i completely and totally missing this thing he’s trying to do way off over here?

but then… that’s why he can answer “no”.

and then hopefully clue me in a bit better to where the yes’s are… lest this become a process of elimination…. or reason start quoting proverb 16:33 and grabbing dice and coins lol

something interesting to think on anyways.


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