Productivity and insomnia cycles

Ugg…  I am so thrown off.

For the first two weeks or so that I was off, I had massive productive spell going on. Made major progress on lots of various tasks that just never made it high enough of the priority list to get done while I was working. Its amazing how much you can tackle random things you didn’t even realize were bugging you, when you are used to running around juggling work and everything else all at once, then suddenly get 9 extra hours free in your day.

Then kiddo was home for 4 days out of 5 in a row, shifting focus that I didn’t get back.

Left to my own devices, I tend to go to a second or third shift schedule. Happened about every summer in school… I worked second until about 2 years ago and still would if there was a 2nd shift school I could send kiddo to.

But I thought all was well this time, because with having to get up with kiddo, my schedule stayed set to the same hours of sleep.

But, I should have known better… by the fact I wasn’t getting hungry at all until 3 in the afternoon. I usually don’t until lunchtime anyway, which was about breakfast time when I was on second. But 3 is extreme even for me. However… in summers, that would have pretty much been wake up time after a bedtime between 7 and 8 am.

And so now, even though I am getting up in the morning, and even when I’m up and doing things all day… I’m still awake when it comes to second and third shift hours.


up at 10:30 am after being up past 2 that I know for sure

awake all day

bed after 10:30 pm

awake again at 2 am sunday

asleep again at 530 am

awake at 8 am by alarm, reset alarm, sleep till it goes off at 10:30.

Feel like am very close to falling alseep during final prayer time at church just before 1pm

awake all day anyway

go to bed before 10…. its nearly 4 am, and i’ve yet to successfully fall asleep.

I don’t know if its because I’m used to running around all day trying to keep things from falling to pieces and now I’m using less energy… or what…

But this just isn’t working.

Kiddo loves being up late anyway… if I could just have a way to move her schedule around.

And actually, I know of a perfect job opening… the same thing I did for two years not that long back but at 150% of the pay and in the #2 choice for moving locations… but only hiring for 2nd and 3rd shift.

I suppose technically I could do homeschooling on 2nd and work 3rd to get around the school thing… but it would still remain that I’d need someone to watch her on 3rd shift…. which is really unlikely. (Oh, plus that our personalities majorly clash and I think we’d probably want to strangle each other with homeschooling considering how much of a battle homework is… but i’m ignoring that for my dreaming right now.)

But this really isn’t working.

But no matter whether I stay in bed, read, be productive, exercise, warm bath, blog, whatever… nothing seems to be working to change it.

Sleeping during school and getting things done at night might be semi-possible if done quietly… but then, weekends would hit. And new job is almost certain to need me to be back on normal 1st shift schedule.


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