January is not playing fair!

An ice cream truck just went by.

That is so not fair.

I’m supposed to get a break from these predatorial things until at least March.

And of course kiddo was home. To do the whole frantic demanding of any available money thing.


My mom bought these maze things for Christmas where you have to run a metal ball through all sides of this cube to get it into the right spot to release the door to the money/gift card area. (I had to work them, because nobody else managed to. I put a dotted path with sharpie on the one for one brother, and he still had issues)

But it has a slot at the top to insert the gift without having to work it.

I’m considering using it as a piggy bank to safeguard any paper money I might have on hand from non-debit card purchases and prevent it from being abruptly demanded when music is heard from down the street.


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