Did the editors have the day off?

I’m finding myself really wincing at the local news tonight.

I realize a lot of people are hyped… but really… can we get at least a few people to interview with interesting insights?

Yes, the girl so passionate about never thinking she’d see this day is representative of many feelings. But, um… she looks roughly 20. She really didn’t think that anytime in the next 4,5,6, maybe even 7 decades she might have left here we wouldn’t have a single african american president? even if she only sees age 60, thats 10 more elections.

perhaps we can swap her for the lady who looks to be about 80 they had on. from her, it would make sense. much more sense than her discussion about how she sees her grandsons all wrapped up in drugs and gangs and now they really can be president. as if magically their possibility of making good choices popped up overnight and had never been there before.

Followed by the “now i’ll be able to get a job and all of my problems will be over” by someone i wanted to ask if was the grandson of the other lady. i believe it was bill cosby who said something about having a hard time being a doctor speaking ebonics. i find myself wondering a bit about what happens a few years down the road when obama didn’t turn out to be a fairy godfather after all, and places looking to hire still expect not to see more than 4 inches of underwear.

Come on… we have two large colleges in town, one of which specifically has a minority studies department, and both have various political studies classes. we have many intelligent politicians and businesspeople.

can we please get some balance? or are you trying to make everyone look full of hype and lacking in any depth or insight for a reason here?


One thought on “Did the editors have the day off?

  1. tlc4women says:

    i could not agree more. it’s the same here in California. They could have looked for better copy in my opinion!

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