My new shiny

I got a sparkly new card in the mail today from Hallmark.

I’ve technically been a platinum member of their “frequent flyer” program since last summer… due to having a webkinz addict in the house.

But since it goes for the remainder of the year you earn it plus the next calendar year, I guess being a new calendar year I now get a shiny new card.


which looks identical to my old one, but this one has glitter.

i feel like i should be impressed or something. maybe my grandma might be.

i actually did put it on my keychain for a while.. mostly teasing my mom… until i went to the store and promptly remembered why my old ones doesn’t go on my keys…

oh yeah, when it accidentally picks up on the grocery scan thing instead of hitting my grocery card, it makes a royal mess because the computer thinks its an item.

my card from the other grocery chain that used to be closest to my old apartment just scans into some else’s account when it gets hit accidentally. lol!

so my poor glittery shiny card will have to go back into the rarely used section of my wallet where the identical non-glittery version sat.

i wonder if this thing actually makes a different in customer service from the cashiers. that’s the only logical reason i could think they would bother sending a different one… to let their staff identify the bigger spenders more easily to be more careful not to make them mad.

thus far, the only really cool perk has been that the store listed as my primary store has occasionally called and left me a voicemail when they get a new group of newly released webkinz in. the ornament preview info and open houses and stuff i could care less about.


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