Cookie overwhelmed

And I’ve run upon another creative barrier… by complete accident.

I get myself massively overwhelmed by possibilities.


It started with kiddo’s birthday treats. 


Both her preschool and the school where she went to pk both had rules that all treats had to be store bought and still sealed. One of those rules I understand for safety, but hate anyway. How far have we gotten when cookies baked by random PTO mothers are banned for no other reason that the possibility of someone using them to harm a group of 30 or so kids? And it’s not like the recalls of things like even spinach and tomatoes haven’t proved that even store bought things can have health issues too.

So I was glad when her current school didn’t have that rule, only to run into her kindergarten teacher’s rule of no frosting, no cupcakes, no cookies. Sigh. Again, I suppose I understand having a class of 24 kids around the age of 5… but still. (I annoyed her I’m sure… I sent packages of otis spunkmeyer small chocolate muffins… which are about as close to a cupcake as you can get without frosting, but very technically still fit her rule)


But this year… no such rules. Open door.

So kiddo was still looking at store cupcakes… asked if we could do buffalos. Ummm… buffalos??? 

Yes. Buffalos. Because as it happens, her birthday is on Kansas day, the day kansas became a state…. aka one of those holidays you entirely forget about outside of grade school. And the state animal is a buffalo. 

I bargained. State flower is a sunflower. Even the walmart bakery can surely pipe some sunflowers. And when I’m not expecting to be in the state next year at this time, why not let her go for the state theme.


But then I got to thinking… it’s a sunflower. Even I can make a sunflower. 5 petal-ish shapes in yellow and a brown dot. 

And since we have no silly rules this year, and I’m home to have time to mess with them, sure, why don’t I just make some sunflowers on some cupcakes. Simple enough.


Until I ended up on a blog mentioning something about cookie pops for valentines day.

And that reminded me of a project using flooded icing for smooth cookies, something I’d wanted to try. Which was on the same site as a marshmellow fondant I’d also wanted to try that is supposed to actually taste good.

So now we’re on to making fondant covered cupcakes, with fondant sunflowers. Except… um.. I’ve never actually made non-flat shapes with fondant before. 

So I suppose I can make flat petals and a flat circle and make them as a flat sunflower.


This was fine for a few hours, until I was by the sink for something while making dinner, and I spotted a bowl full of cookie cutters. I’d been clearing things out the other day, these ones had been in the wrong place, and I decided they probably needed washed before being put in with the other ones. 

As it happened, on the top, was one of the metal easter egg cookie cutters that I hate because they easily smoosh into non-egg shapes. Today it was flattened a bit, making an oval about 3 inches long and 1 inch wide. 

A perfect shape for a petal! Yay! 


But then, it would be too long and droop about an inch over the side of the cupcake. Which might look kind of odd for cupcakes in wrappers. 

So then it hits me… I can make petal shaped cookies, put the fondant on top of them, then put those on the top of the cupcake and then the petals will stay firm.

But wait! If I’m using cookies, then why don’t I make some of those little cake balls like I tried to use for snowmen, and roll them into brown sprinkles.. and use those for the centers. Perfect!


For about an hour. Until I realized this means I’m making cupcakes, making fondant, baking cookies, and baking a cake to crumble up and make the balls. 

And… I’m putting what is essentially a 6 inch cookie on top of a cupcake. This teacher is gonna hate me!


Ok.. we can lose the fondant and make the flooded icing for the cookies petals. But then I’d have to make another frosting for the cupcake still.

So then, I wonder about losing the cupcake. But I’m not real confident in the cookies staying together without the help when they are made out of 6 different pieces.

But then it comes to me.


I can take the cupcake wrapper, put the cake ball into it, and put the petals around it.

But will it stay? And will it be big enough, or so scrunched that it will just make the petals go vertical and look stupid?



Why in the world am I making this so difficult on myself? 

Hello? It’s a birthday treat. 

Just because I can do things, and want to try various things, doesn’t mean that I need to, or should… or even that 10 hours of effort is going to be better than plain cupcakes with basic frosting.

Maybe letting walmart make the simple piped sunflowers wasn’t such a bad idea.


One thought on “Cookie overwhelmed

  1. tlc4women says:

    I do this stuff to myself all the time. You made me smile!

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