Party(planning) pooper

I’m seriously not feeling the birthday party spirit this year.

Normally, I have things planned before Christmas, everything ordered and ready to go. Because that’s when I’m thinking about gifts, so that’s when it’s easiest to do it.

But this year? with all of the family drama?

I’m at a loss.

I seriously have my daughter’s easter basket gift purchased already… and I’m still trying to figure out what in the world we are doing for this birthday in less than a week.

Winter birthdays are so much harder than summer ones. It’s cold. Park is out. Outdoor activity places are out. Even the backyard is out.

Inside? We have a small house… and only own 4 chairs. Hosting it here is out.

So that leaves somewhere else.

But, most other places cost quite a bit.

And the school does have a rule… that if you do invites, you have to invite the entire class, or at least the entire gender of the class.

Almost all of the party invites we have gotten for kiddo have all been to a place called pump it up… which is basically an indoor collection of moonwalks and other inflatables… and that runs like 250 bucks for 2 hours.

Um… no. No way. At all.

Webkinz bead party at a local boutique is 20 each, minimum of 6 kids. Um, no.

Fast food play area is cheap… but, well, kinda boring for 6 and 7 year olds after a bit. And we did that one last year.

I had a brilliant idea at one point.

High School Musical 3 was playing at the cheap theater in town for 2.50. Kid’s package at the concession stand is 3 and includes popcorn, drink, and a small candy.

5 bucks per kid, times 12 (24 kids in class, so I assume about 12 girls), is 60… still on the expensive side, but since you don’t need a cake or food or decorations… maybe reasonable.

Except… they refused to tell me in advance if it would still be there.

Even when I asked again only 2 weeks in advance. They couldn’t tell me until Tuesday if it was going to be there that weekend. Nowhere near enough advance notice.

And, as it turned out, it ended on Thursday… just 2 days before I’d been looking at doing the party.

So that was out.

So, really, the idea of including school friends got tossed out. Its hard to do anything for 12 kids or more, on a small budget, without having access to somewhere large enough for that many kids, for free or really cheap, to put it.

So that put it back down to just family.

Except… my mother called the state on my cousin a few months back. Which resulted in a major fight with my grandmother. So no hosting it there, and I can pretty much assume the kids of that cousin won’t be attending no matter where it is.

And my other grandma is in a nursing home, and not very able to get out and about when its cold.

And then there is my older half brother. Who is never very reliable.. and no call no showed with his 4 kids last year… and has only invited us to one of the kids birthday parties in the last 3 years.

An my older half brother on the other side… who has a kid who will be 1 soon… and 2 stepkids around my daughter’s age that I’ve never even met.


We have 3 adults I know will come, including myself. Realistically, entirely possible to have a party with a whopping total of 4 people.

Another two that may come but may have to work.

A group of 2 adults and 4 kids that may or may not come if invited, but I’ll never know for sure until they actually arrive.

And another group of 5 that probably would if asked… but that the birthday girl only knows one adult of the group.

This may end up real pathetic, no matter what way I go with this one.

I’m sadly tempted to bribe the kid.. buy her a ticket to a concert I’ll have to drive 4 or more hours to get to in exchange for skipping the party this year.

And if she was a bit older, I probably would.

But… she’s 7.

All the other kids that age still have parties.

I suppose at least if I go the lame family route, she won’t get teased at school for its lame-ness.


One thought on “Party(planning) pooper

  1. tlc4women says:

    Who says you have to invite the entire class? Get phone numbers and call the parents of the girls your daughter would like to have at her party. Send an invite through the mail. That way nothing goes through the school. Then do a party at your house. Order a couple of cheap pizzas and have some sort of craft at your kitchen table, beading at this age works well. We’ve had spa days (get your nails painted and then put all the glitter and stuff on it). We’ve had create your own pizzas where you buy the Boboli mini pizzas and ingredients and the girls can decorate their own personal pizza any way they want to. We’ve gone bowling which is pretty inexpensive. We’ve done Hawaii in December which was a luau themed thing where we did limbo and island hop (musical chairs without the chairs) you use construction paper in the shape of islands instead and played Twister which, believe it or not, little kids love to do. What about a High School Musical party where the girls have to dress as their favorite character then they have to lip sync and perform a song from the CD? They can team up and coordinate a dance.

    You’re creative! You’ll come up with something.

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