Skitch happiness


i can’t say my hopes are up on the cake being right even with the pics… but, well, the top one is rather ugly… so i’m aiming for anything better than that. lol



i am loving skitch though! Which is what made the image from the two cake images on their website.

I’ve got several different image capture programs… including image capture that came with the computer, and even one that isn’t freeware/shareware… but for some reason I decided to download skitch last week anyway. ( )


And I’m actually really really impressed! The most impressed i’ve been with a program in a while actually.


It runs really smooth… doesn’t add any delay to startup to leave it running in the background like my other primary program did… doesn’t take a second to process… its just there. and has an option to hang out entirely in the menu bar so it isn’t taking up dockspace.

But besides being there quickly and smoothly, it runs just as quickly and smoothly. to crop something, grab a corner and drag it where you want it, and suddenly its cropped. to resize it, grab the window corner and its instantly done.


it lets me put arrows and text, and circles and lines, whatever on it.. different sizes and colors with one click… and when you click, it briefly displays a transparent hints thing above the window telling you what keys do with that tool, like the common shift to make a square vs rectangle… cntrl to start circles from the center not an edge… etc.

and its freehand tool rocks…. it smoothes over all of the jaggedness created because i’m using a touchpad.. (see the ? on the image on here yesterday…)

everything you add is moveable and erasable on its own.. no need to switch layers, or flatten layers… 

even with a bunch of windows open, its still much less taxing than having one of my image programs open to do edits.


one click, and its uploaded to your account… at a speed i really have no idea how it manages on my connection… and a page opens with buttons to click to copy the links to the image itself, to the page with the image, etc. 

but you can still click on the history button in the program to pull it up easily… no save to forget… no close button even, you grab a new image and it just moves that one to history and you can flip back to it and between any of them. (and there is a save as button in the history if you do want to move it somewhere else under a different name.)


and you can add stuff to any other random image on your computer that isnt a screen cap. and take webcam shots.

and can send pics from your phone directly to your account, and pull them into the program from there.


oh… and it has a button to send the pics from the program to bluetooth… which my phone wasn’t a big fan of accepted, but did try to go through…  besides just the send by email and print and the like.


the one thing that took me a bit to figure out was how to change the font to not make everything look like a lolcat. (its in the drop down menu to show fonts)


and the one thing that it lacks, that my other programs have, is the ability to capture video instead of just a still snapshot. but… well.. i’ll keep the other program on the computer for that one, but skitch has already taken its place as my primary image capture.


ok… and as my primary playtoy right now too. anyone need a lolcat?




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